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Correct me if I’m wrong, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to just open Agenda and add a note quickly to capture a thought or idea.

From what I can tell, whatever note I add will be added to the project that is open when I open Agenda. I then have to go through the process of moving that note to the project it should be associated with.

One of the things that is really useful about an app like Bear or Letterspace is that I can open the app, type command + n, type my note, and then specify what tag/folder/category it needs to go in by typing a hashtag in the note itself. It would be nice if Agenda had this level of speed. Maybe it does and I’m just not seeing it??? :man_shrugging:


Hello Clint,

I want the same feature, i create a Project with the name “INBOX”, to bulk that quick thought and ideas, to next process that inbox (like GTD). I think this app is great for that kind of productivity because it can be mixed with “Time Blocking”.


Hi both, we have some ideas in this direction indeed, stay tuned!


Plus 1 vote for this feature. I also follow th GTD method and having a place to dump initally all notes is essential.

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I kind of like DevonThink’s quick note capture - they allow you to enter text, use selected text, copy entire webpage, etc. and then put the note into the desired internal ‘folder’.

The functionality is triggered by a keyboard combination similar to OmniFocus or Things.

+1 for the general intake area for quick notes. Then you can capture notes quickly and categorize them later (still slotting into the timeline).


Crucial to this would be a keyboard shortcut to move between entry fields, including the calendar. It would be great not to have to click 3 or 4 times to select a date.


Yes. Open the app and just start typing. I need this

Ditto…ideally, it would be nice if one could use or redirect the iOS system default screen Note feature to choose a {shortcut} to Agenda.

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It could be put in setting…”Opening screen/project” with a pull down list with all the options. I pick one and it always open to that. They could also add a “last used” or “last opened” in the list for this.

Yes! I sorely need this feature. I am used to it from Things and Ulysses. Agenda needs an ’inbox’ feature where I can dump quick notes for later sorting.

Any news on this feature? It would be essential to my use of the app.

High on our list but not something we’ll start on before image and attachment support has shipped.

I’ve built out an iOS shortcut that allows me to touch a button (or say “random thought stuff” to Siri) and speak. The dictated text will be saved as a new note in Agenda in a “RANDOM” project, with timestamp, that can later be organized. It simultaneously puts the same item into a list in iOS Reminders app, my poor man’s Agenda integration .

Edit this shortcut to specify the default project, default note title, and default boilerplate text (currently set to the timestamp of the dictation). This shortcut will also create the new note as a task in your iOS Reminders app.

And there you go. Rapid notes via voice.


Speaking of poor man’s integration with iOS Reminders, here’s a shortcut that copies them over to Agenda. One way, not a synch.


If the URL doesn’t work, please let me know. And if you don’t trust the URL, I can provide screenshots of the shortcut so you can make it yourself. :+1:

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Awesome stuff @auliya, thanks for sharing!

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I have a ton of these. If you ever want to host a library of this sort of thing, look me up, I’ll help you populate it. :+1:

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The shortcuts I download from Dropbox doesn’t import to Shortcuts for me. An error message pops up. Are there any other steps I need to take?

Any news on this? I think about this almost every time I open the app to write something down. I do have a project called Inbox, but it should definitely be a feature on its own!

Definitely, in fact we already have worked out what we want to bring in a future update of Agenda together with our designer. Too early to tell when the work will be done, but definitely coming somewhere this year.

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Another nudge, when are planning to implement this feature at last? More and more drawn to Bear because of quick notes and subfolders…