Prospects for syncing with Dropbox?



Greetings! I’m new to Agenda, but I’m enjoying the test drive with the premium features. I do not use iCloud for anything, so I’m hoping you may be considering other syncing options, including Dropbox.

Being able to keep my Mac and iPad versions of Agenda synced would be important if I decide to add Agenda to my day-to-day workflow, but iCloud is not an option.


Hi Elliott,

Just wondering why iCloud is not an option for you. It is pretty stable and fast these days.

We may add Dropbox sync in time, but for now we have some bigger features that need addressing, like images.

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iCloud is blocked in a lot of companies, so basically you can’t use Agenda for work. Which bites! Would love to see ability to synch via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive… any file based synch works.


I think your answer indicates why this is not so trivial. If we add Dropbox, others will say they want Google Drive etc etc. We chose the system that we know every Mac/iOS device has. Will try to get to the others later, but that becomes a rats nest of options. (Had someone asking for webdav too.)


Drew and G12R, thank you both for your responses.

In addition to iCloud being blocked by quite a few companies, I see reports about its vagaries - including significant data loss - too frequently to rely on it. I see there’s another Agenda Community post re sync issues. Drew’s response is helpful and presumably resolves the issue, but it does illustrate one of my concerns about iCloud: “iCloud can sometimes get jammed. If things are not syncing, try going into Settings or System Preferences, choose iCloud, and sign out, and then sign in again with the same account. This often clears up any issues.”

I’ll continue to test Agenda, and I’ll keep an eye out for word of alternative sync options. Thanks again!


Hey Agenda team,

New Agenda user here. I’ll have to agree with my fellow users here. I too cannot sync via iCloud on my work machine, that option was completely disabled by IT. So it’s been extremely tedious using Agenda because I have the added step of taking notes on my iPad or Phone and referring to them, instead of doing this my Mac, which is the most convenient option day-to-day in the office environment.

Adding dropbox sync support would be a huge win. I completely understand it is a major feature and would take a ton of work on your end, but alot of corporate office types would benefit.

Thanks for making an amazing app. Outside the sync issue, I’m loving it :slight_smile:


What’s best is to leave your support/voice/request in the canonical post on this topic:


Hey @mekentosj, not sure what you mean. Should I repost somewhere else?


If you’d like to add support for having us add Dropbox support you can indeed voice this in the community topic linked above.


Great that there’s a Dropbox sync feature - I use agenda for my home Apple ID and work Apple ID so I’ve had to maintain two separate systems although one would be far preferable. Could I check before I test-drive the beta feature, is it safe to log into dropbox with one and then with the other - i.e. will it combine the data from the two Apple IDs or will it wipe one of them? It’d be a crisis if I lost either set of notes so checking in advance (and would welcome any guidance on creating a reliable backup)


Hmm, so you have two independent data sets. I believe what should happen if you choose to sync them is that all the data will be merged together. You should end up with one data set with all the data combined.

Having said that, I do recommend a backup.

Here is how to make a manual backup on macOS:

  1. Click on Finder, and choose Go > Go to Folder
  2. Enter ~/Library/Containers
  3. Find com.momenta.agenda.macos
  4. Select it and choose Edit > Copy
  5. Go to your backup location, select the folder, and choose Edit > Paste

On iOS, at the very least, go into your iCloud settings in Settings app, and make sure you force it to make a backup there.

To make a manual backup on iOS is more difficult, but you could use a tool like iExplorer. You can access your Agenda data there, and drag it to a Mac.

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Thanks for steer - backed up first and tried (and used the share function to backup each project on iOS only work setup).

The two sets of data appear to be existing separately on Dropbox - i.e. they have not combined so I cannot see work notes on home and vice versa. It also seems to have unlinked my home notes though date is maintained (no crisis).


Hi just to add to that, my home agenda data set (on MacBooks and iPhone) aren’t syncing between each other on Dropbox either although all are set to dropbox sync in settings


Hi Peter,
We have uncovered a few problems with the Dropbox sync. We probably will not release it this time, but try to aim for a few weeks time.
Perhaps for now you would be best to go back to iCloud, and remove the Dropbox data entirely. We should have a beta reasonably soon to again try out Dropbox.
Kind regards,


Sure - thanks for update! Look forward to trying out next iteration


Just to return to this: are you signing in to Dropbox with the same account on each machine? Note that you can sign in to Dropbox with a different account in Agenda than you use on the main machine. So you could sign in with you Home Account on both devices, I believe. Just for Agenda.


Hi - yes was signing into same (home) Dropbox account on both machines