Problems with lists

  • As you’re creating a list, pressing undo at any point will always remove the entire list item (we really need that undo revamp, it’s used way too frequently, like muscle memory, and it’s always frustratingly slow and broken)
  • If you’re on a list item, highlighting with Shift+Option+Left will go by word until the first word, and the last press will skip the dash (or whatever bullet) and highlight all the way to previous line

Otherwise, still love this tool. Rooting for it to succeed.

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Undo is indeed not granular enough a bit slow at the moment, we’re not too happy with it ourselves either. We need to make quite a big change to fix it, unfortunately, but it is something that is on our radar, see The issues we are fixing right now…

We’ll also have a look at the Shift-Option-Left issue, thanks for reporting.

Would also like to add something I think does not feel right. I have lists where i track actions across projects for each day. I have a snippet through Alfred that inserts a date. No matter the fact that I escape the list for what looks like a fresh line, when I insert the date it tries to continue the list which is not how I want it formatted.

Have you tried inserting a \n character before the date as part of what Alfred inserts?

Yea :confused:

Seems to just print it with the \n and not a line feed.

This is what i print to the screen.

\n {date:short}

  • {cursor}

This is how it comes out in Agenda. Before I enter the second date, I hit enter and then backspace to remove the extra bullet. Then I type my key combo to insert a new date. *Edit: below is without the \n, adding in just adds an \n before the date is printed.


– Today I did something…


– -

However, what works is if i backspace and hit enter twice. Def could just be me and what I am doing. Just seemed kinda funky.

Doesn’t alfred have a special character for a return or enter?

Not that I could tell. I stopped using Agenda for time series entries so I no longer need to insert date stamps followed by lists. I instead let the note content age naturally.

The benefit I gained from placing time series in a single note was to easily copy or print it out and provide to interested parties.

Thanks for followign up and sorry for the delay in my response!