Problem syncing notes across devices

Syncing iCal and Cal events quite well, but the notes themsleves on the Agenda installs are not. Test notes made on any one don’t appear on the other devices. Three macs are all signed into same AppleID in iCloud, and are all trusted devices. All ticked as synced to Icloud in Agenda Prefs. I bought the premium upgrade from the MacApp store, and that is noted on all three devices. Have I missed a setting? (Love this app, btw)

Hi Peter,

None of the macs are syncing between each other at all?

Double check that you are signed in with exactly the same iCloud id in System Preferences > iCloud. (Note that when you sign in to Agenda in the Agenda Preferences, that account is unrelated to sync: you sign in for sync in System Preferences > iCloud)

We’ve heard of this happening to a few users before, and all of them have been helped by signing out of iCloud, and then back in again with the same account. I would recommend that if the above doesn’t work.

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Hi Drew… making good progress but not quite there yet. Switching iCloud off and on on three macs also relinked each to iCloud drive (which I had not engaged for any of them). iCloud Drive box is now ticked in System Preferences/iCloud on each. After a short interval, all three macs are showing three identical -synced- versions of all projects (it seems to be adding versions to the sync location, thus to each mac local store, but not overwriting to a single common version). Any ideas? PS I can’t see any appropriate “Agent” folders on the iCloud Drive, but it seems to be using that as a repository? Thanks…

Ah, that explains it. You actually have to turn on iCloud Drive. We don’t actually put any data into it as files, so you won’t see Agenda files in there, but the CloudKit technology we use is controlled by the iCloud Drive switch — it falls under the iCloud Drive feature.

So I’m afraid you would need to have that on for the sync to work.

Ah, I see you have a duplication problem. Is that right?

What is duplicated exactly? I’m assuming you created projects with the same names on each Mac. Agenda can’t know they are the same project, even though you gave them the same name.

My recommendation is now just to combine them manually yourself. Once you have the sync working, it should not happen again, because you create a new project on one device, and it immediately syncs and appears on the other devices.


It would be great to have other sync options, eg Dropbox or Drive. I personally hate iCloud (and most other Apple software these days).


We may consider other options in time, but we have higher priorities at this point (eg iOS). Our experience with CloudKit, Apple’s new engine, is very good. We have used Dropbox in the past, and CloudKit is actually much faster and very stable. You really don’t need anything else, other than for the purpose of offering more options. iCloud works well for our purposes.

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I’d love to see a Dropbox-based sync but it’s because my work disables iCloud Sync on the official laptop image. Means I’m starting to run into issues keeping things even remotely figured out between my laptop and iMac.


Thanks for the feedback! We may at some time support other sync options. Not decided yet.

The problem with, say, supporting Dropbox is that it will work for some people, and then others will come along saying “My work only allows Google Drive” and “Mine only works with Microsoft”. It’s a game of whack-a-mole :frowning:

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As an engineer, I 100% get that.

To limit the whack-a-mole nature, you could allow us to set a path on disk for syncing. Using an arbitrary path would enable mac users to use most/all of the various providers.

On iOS, you could limit it to the file provider APIs through the Files app, and that too would limit your variance.

note: I’m not an iOS dev, but would love to hear why that may or may not be a good approach :slight_smile:

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I wish it were that simple. We are using databases, not simple text files, and they can corrupt when shared between devices with Dropbox or similar.

We would also then have an issue on iOS when that app is ready, because file sharing services don’t support that in the same way.

Yeah I’d like to be able to sync to another device since I don’t want my personal iCloud account on my work laptop.

Right now I’m stuck with not syncing anywhere :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

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I’m another one who is not able to sync between my corporate Mac and my iOS devices, because iCloud Drive on the Mac is disabled by the company. So here’s another vote to prioritising finding a solution for that, urgently.

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My notes are syncing quite well. iCloud sync is selected in all devices. But now I created a new domain and reordered the projects and this simply doesn’t sync (a deleted project has been synced, though).

Maybe it’s a coding problem? I changed the category’s name from “1 im Fokus” to “Fokus” and it’s syncing finally.

Some changes will not transfer immediately. May take a minute or two to sync across. Changes at the category level sync at a different time to the contents of the notes, so you can’t assume it will happen in the same order as you make the changes.


I’ve also been having trouble with sycning across devices.

Yesterday I added content to an existing note on my laptop while it was “offline.” Now those changes aren’t being pushed to my iOS device. In fact, the project seems corrupted somehow by having edited it offline. Changes I make to it in iOS get pushed to the laptop, but changes I make to the project on the laptop (now “online”) don’t get pushed to the iOS app. This doesn’t appear to be a problem with any other project besides the one that I had edited offline yesterday. Perhaps some kind of “conflicting changes” issue?

I tried creating a new project and moving the notes from the seemingly corrupted project over to the new one, but that didn’t work. In fact, now the category isn’t pushing changes from laptop to iOS device.

With our system, it should be very unlikely that the two devices don’t eventually end up with the same data, even if out of sync for a little while. It seems you are saying they have different data at the moment.

Perhaps worth trying to restart each device. Making a small change in the problem note could also help (eg adding a space, then clicking away to another note).


Thanks so much for the quick response, Derek! I restarted as you suggested and I’m afraid I had no luck. Small changes sync instantly across other projects/categories. But under The Bargain category, or any category where I put the project that I edited offline, they do not push changes from MacOS to iOS. See attached photos.

Is there any option remaining except deleting and reinstalling the app? Is this error likely to repeat itself the next time I edit a note/project on a laptop while it is offline? I know on other cloud apps like OneNote such activity often results in “conflicting changes” that have to be resolved somehow.


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