Preference »Make Reminders all-day« seems not to work

A year ago, I suggested to include a setting that when I set a reminder from within Agenda, the suggested time could by default be »all-day«. I was very happy to see this option in the preferences of Agenda 11 now, but, hélas!, it seems not to work!

I tried to un-set the option, restart Agenda, and the like, but whether I have the option set or not, reminders are always suggested with a time.

Let me dive into it to check if it indeed doesn’t work as expected in the dialogs, which I assume you use? It should honour it if you type \remind(today) for example.

Your answer made me try out all the ways possible to create a reminder, with the following results:

  • If I type \remind(today), it works as intended: it creates an all-day task.

  • If I type only \remind, a dialog appears that offers an "all-day« task by default, just as I have set.

  • But if I use the context menu to create the reminder (my usual method), I get a dialog like this:

Ok, perfect, we know what to fix then, will add it to the list. Thanks for testing it out!

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Update: This issue should have been fixed in the 11.1 update, let us know if this is not the case.