Option to set All-Day Reminder as Default

When I set a reminder from within Agenda, I almost always have to change the suggested time to »all-day«. This is because I (and I guess I’m not the only one) have vaguely in mind what’s happening on what day, but rarely the finer planning. As I use BusyCal as my main calendar, I get all tasks and events in the same picture there and put the reminder task at an appropriate time later, if at all.

Of course everybody’s different, but an option to start with »all-day« as default would be quite handy for folks like me.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if this can be done.

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If the default ‘all day’ is settable in BusyCal would it be possible to determine that and copy it?

However, that’s not settable in BusyCal. BusyCal distinguishes between timed tasks, all-day tasks and undated tasks (via Option-Cmd-K, Cmd-K and Cmd-U).

I would also really appreciate this option!

I’d love to create not only all day but undated reminders from within Agenda.


The good idea idea would be to be able to choose not only « all day », but also the hour, instead of 00:00.