Predictive Tagging

Apologies in advance if this has already been raised as I couldn’t find it in the Community.

It would be great when tagging if a drop-down with previously created tags were to appear. It is often easy to miss-tag or use a different naming convention by accident. If when typing ‘#’ and the next letter (as it seems to do in the Community here) a list was displayed it would make improve workflow and reduce inconsistencies with tagging.

Thank you for this wonderful product - along with ‘Things’ it has had a huge impact on my productivity and planning ability during a hectic period in my life.


Agree. Autocompletion for tags would be nice. In our roadmap.
Thanks for the feedback!

Agree, always relieved to see this feature.

First, thanks for the intentional way you’ve gone about designing and developing Agenda. I appreciate that you both have/had a clear vision and that you are pushing toward your goal. It’s good that you also have the flexibility to ask for and consider other ideas. You have a great product. I hope enough of us pay for premium so you can keep buying shoes for your families (and continue developing Agenda)!

I had recently incorporated Bear into my workflow with some dissatisfaction. It’s nice and pretty, but for me there was some friction…a little too much effort to use it well. Then Agenda came to my attention via a MacStories article. At first I was intrigued, but didn’t quite understand. I downloaded the app and began experimenting with it and checking out the Agenda Community site (great idea how you implemented the Agenda Community, by the way). Now I get it and I paid for premium. Agenda not only fits easily into my workflow, it adds to it. It adds functionality and helps me in ways I hadn’t thought about before. You guys are awesome.

That being said, I’m glad you’ve added tag auto-complete or predictive tagging to your “working on” list. I have a lot of “people” tags and the auto-complete will help prevent errors.

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the really kind words, glad you like Agenda so much! Yes, auto-complete is still high up there in the list