Possible improvements

Hi, I love this app - notes linked to Exchange calendar event is killer function for me that I’ve been waiting for last 4 years after coming from Win platform :slight_smile:

few possible improvements from first day of usage:

  • to be able to detach note from meeting
  • refresh calendar button or push? (not sure how often calendar is loaded to app)
  • focus mode - to be able to open just one note (making easier to share the screen)
  • new window/tabs - open multiple notes at the same time (for multitasking through the day)
  • click on tag to open search results with all notes for that tag

when there’s mobile app (android/iOS) then it’s best app for my daily notes at work

Thanks for the feedback!

I think we have seen most of these features requested, and they are on our list.

One I am not sure about is “detach note from meeting”. Can you explain what that would entail?

The calendar should refresh automatically, I believe. Perhaps worth reporting times when it doesn’t as bugs so we can track them down.

iOS app is in development now.

Kind regards,

Hi, with detaching I meant “unlinking” note from calendar event… However came after same delay back to the app and I did it now in iOS app by selecting another date (this replaced the previously linked event) - this was not clear to me before…

We indeed changes the UI for this to make it more obvious.