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That’s awesome to hear! Glad you like it so much!

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Like many others here, no sooner had I downloaded and tried Agenda, I paid for it!

This is one of the most promising apps I have seen in awhile. I have already started integrating it into my workflow.

One of the things I would really like to see improved is the handling of TAGS. It would be nice if a tag could be applied to an item by some keystroke combbination that brings up a list of the tags that have already been created so one can be selected. A tag management list of some sort would also be extremely useful. I like to use tags (and people) to mark items so that I can quickly scan them to see the current status of an item. So in a sense I’m using them more as status badges than actual tags.

To make this even more useful it would be nice to have more control over them and a way of more easily applying existing tags.

Look forward to seeing where Agenda goes from here, I have very high hopes for it.


That’s brilliant to hear and so happy you like what we’ve created. Agenda has a lot of space to grow and improve, we have a ton of ideas and the feedback we have received so far is also of impressive quality and motivating! We’ll do our best!


I have been looking for this app for ever! Thank you. :star_struck:


Thanks Dawn! Glad you finally found it :smiley:

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Yup, just starting with Agenda, shows great promise. But please, give my tired old eyes a chance by allowing me to set the default font size to something more readable.

And the iOS version is urgently wanted!

I see that both features are in your to-do list, but thought I’d add this note of encouragement.



I really like this APP. But for improvement, I am not able to attach visualized photo onto my notes which is inconvenient for me to integrate everything.

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Just want to say I really like using the app so far. It took me a second or two to wrap my head around the concept but now I really like how flexible it is and it has exactly the things I need like tags, to do lists and @names.
Definitely waiting for a couple of improvements - most urgently deselecting calendars (I have a company vacation calendar that basically takes up the whole calendar sidebar, my actual meetings are way down there) - but I can definitely see this become an invaluable piece of software. Keep it up!


I’d like to say a big THANKS to the developers of this app, which I found astonishingly fantastic! It reads and clears my mind. The interface is clean and elegant. Most importantly, I can finally centralize all of my notes, reminders, and agendas etc. and get rid of tons of apps which only do one thing at a time.
By the way, I’m also a huge fan of Papers! :slight_smile:


Thank you for such kind words, glad you like it!


Having used Agenda for about 2 weeks now, simply love it! I have used many notes apps and this is undoubetly the best of all. Including the element of Time is a killer feature and a big help in keeping track my projects. Thanks for the great work and I will be buying premium too.


As everybody here, I tried, I loved, I bought the app, It’s exactly the way I want to work.

Meeting Notes, Experiment notes, based on events…with to do (and huge use of X-callback url to link relevant files to a note, x-devonthink for instance). Project are now followed within agenda, which is my paperless solution.

The only things that miss me is :

  • the iOs app (planned)
  • maybe a 2-way sync of “to-do” with apple reminder app (that capture all my to-do) - the fear of missing a task. I don’t think i’ll use agenda as task manager, and i don’t want to have too many app for task management.
  • the @someone tag should be synced with apple contact (so that i can mail or call…)

Good job ! Keep it up.


Just gotta say this is the first mac app in a very long time that I love and purchased almost instantly. Keep up the great work and looking forward to an ios app!


Great! Thanks for the encouragement.

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Love the app! Great work. Excited to dive deeper.

A few tidbits of feedback:

  • Definitely an iOS app!
  • More customization in the app for fonts
  • More customization in line spacing. Awesome if there was cozy and compact.
    • Any other integrations in the mix? Todoist??



iOS app is just around the corner.

We have added text scaling. If you haven’t seen that, take a look in preferences. More customization is on the roadmap.

For now we have support for sharing extensions. Any app with sharing extensions that can handle our data should appear in the Share menu. Not sure about Todoist, but if they have one, it should be there.

Note you can also use Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link, and paste the link in other apps to open up Agenda at a note or project.

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good points, would be nice to have something like a sync with the "apple reminder universum“ and the @someone tag in the future

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Yep, reminders is definitely something we want to integrate better with. On the list. Same with contacts + @people.


Hi guys!
The app is great, but apart from your plans I miss spell-check and auto-capitalisation of a new sentence.

Thanks for working on it!



I’ve started using it now and already love it.

What I think is missing from my initial impressions:

  • Drag and drop on macOS should create a new note (not only dragging text inside an existing note)
  • It seems I like long titles for my notes, and the titles get clipped when they’re bigger than the window. I would prefer if the title always appeared in full (even if the font need to be smaller for that)

Other than that, great work, thanks!