Please Consider Adding a "Replace" Feature

Currently, there is a “Find” feature, but no “Replace”. This is an issue if one needs to edit a bunch of text at once - best example I can think of is when importing existing notes from Apple Notes. Sometimes notes come over with the formatting as “&quot” or “&gt” instead of the quote or greater than characters. There is currently no way to en masse change those to their actual ASCII characters. When importing a hundred or more notes with dozens of edits per affected note, manual changes aren’t really practical. A Replace feature would make this sort of edit trivial.


Thanks for the suggestion, it’s not at the top of the list but something that would be nice to have indeed.

It would be nice to work it into the roadmap somewhere - it’s a disincentive to new users, and to those who want to standardize on a single notetaking app. Thanks.

As we mention in the roadmap post is certainly not exhaustive, i.e. if it’s not in there it doesn’t mean we won’t do it. At the same time, the replace feature isn’t something that gets requested very often and as such hasn’t been added to it. We’d like to have that post focus on the big items, but along the way we always try to sneak in many additional items.

I echo the need for a “replace” function. It is a significant disincentive for new users trying to import text that does not format properly.


the same here :ok_hand: