Performance Slowdown

That doesn’t sound like normal behaviour. Maybe there is a different issue with your data. We could test it if you would like us to, but you would need to be prepared to send it to us.

Agenda may get slower to load a really large project, but it should not slow down in general. It loads as little data as possible, so whether you have very many projects, or very few, should not make any difference. Large notes, or notes with many attachments or tags, could take a bit longer to load too.

Unfortunately I can’t share the data with you as some notes contain confidential information.

Is it possible to share anonymised log data with you? (and would it be helpful?)

I’m afraid we don’t have anything like that setup at this time. It’s a good idea though. We could consider something like that for future testing.

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Just wanted to add how laggy my experience has been as well. For me just clicking around agenda feels insanely laggy. I had to restart it just to slightly lower the lag, and I’m on maxed out 2016 MBP 15’. Pure text, no attachments, but do have 16 calendars synced (mostly empty though).

Pressing cmd+shift+enter to assign the note to today takes a couple of seconds with micro-freezeups.

Pressing alt+shift+enter to checkmark and remove from agenda is a total lottery. Sometimes it works right after 2 seconds lag, sometimes it freezes up for 5 seconds, sometimes it checks but doesn’t remove from agenda, sometimes it does nothing. The only thing it never does is remove from agenda without checking.

It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to make use of the app, and I just got into a good rhythm with it, with good project categorization (only a few projects, a few notes per project, nothing overwhelming).

Those kind of waits (seconds or more) really shouldn’t happen, especially not with those kind of number of notes etc. The calendars shouldn’t influence the switching, but to exclude it, could you simply:

  • quit Agenda
  • go to the System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Calendars and uncheck Agenda, same with Reminders
  • start Agenda

See if you still get the slow downs. After testing you can check Agenda again in the above sequence.

Just to add to my original post. The biggest performance problems I experience are switching between projects and creating new notes. These can take several seconds to complete. Also, I have noticed that when I quit and reopen Agenda, performance does sometimes improve (not always).

For me the feature set in Agenda is sufficiently complete, I’m not really missing anything. My vote would be to stop feature adds and address performance. It’s a feature, too. :wink:

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I’m also seeing increasingly poor performance to the extent that it is annoying. I create probably 5-10 notes per day across around 100 different projects and have been doing this since I started using Agenda almost 2 years ago, so I possibly have upward of 1500 notes - it’s all text, mostly short, no attachments at all. Actually would be useful to have a way to report a count back to you to give you an idea of scale.
Certainly switching between projects is slow on macos particularly - spinning beachball for about 1 second - mac is 2018 macbook pro 6 core.
There are also delays on iOS but I think they are initially the app icloud syncing after waking up and then being unusable until syncing is complete - annoying when you just want to jot down a note as you don’t seem to be able to create a new note until its woken up and synced - iphone is SE.

Is the project switching slow even if you are switching to an empty project? Is it related to the notes in the project you are switching to?

Have you tried the new 10.0 version? It has some improvements. We have some scheduled to look at for 10.1 too. Mostly image and attachment loading.

Thanks - it does seem to be a bit faster.

Also, do you have attachments in your notes?

No, just text

I am on 10.0.1 ATM. It does seem faster. To answer your questions from before, the performance was the same regardless of the number of notes in a project. Also, I don’t use images/attachments and rarely use tags/mentions.

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Chiming in again here to echo the other commenters - performance switching projects (even to ones with relatively few notes) and creating new notes is insanely slow, taking multiple seconds sometimes.

I adore Agenda and I’ve been using it daily for many meetings at work, but the performance is forcing me to look for other options. Are there any other things I can try to fix this? Could I somehow bulk-archive all notes older than a year or something to reduce the number of notes in my projects?

Same here! I’ve updated to latest version 10.0.2 and it goes smoother! Of course, project with more notes still takes more time than small project, but it feels better than before.


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I do find that it gradually slows down the more I use it. I probably restart it every couple days to get it going faster again.

I’ve noticed something weird that could help to debug the issue. When I’m logged in (from Settings), performances slowdowns. But if I’m not connected with, it goes faster.

We have some performance improvements for notes with images and attachments coming in version 10.1 (not next minor release, but after that).


Really excited for the performance update!

+1 to poor performance with many entries in a single project

The way I use Agenda is by having one project where I document everything I do. This is a daily journal breaking down things I am working on. From there, bigger projects get there own project folders, but are always liked back to the daily entry in my Documentation project. Hope the update makes this easier. Keep up the great work!

I’m hindered by a another problem that occurs occasionally, but too often to ignore: When typing quickly keyboard input appears clearly delayed on the display. This is also and especially true for deleting letters or words.

(Agenda 10.0.3 (132), MacBook Pro 2017, 8 GB RAM)