@people Tagging Best Practices

Hi all!

I’m interested in ideas for best practices on tagging @people in my notes. Since a space seems to be a delimiter and I work with a number of people with the same first name, how does everyone prefer to tag?

Something else?
Is there a way to tag with a space?

Is this a matter of preferred convention or are there advantages to doing this a particular way (for search, etc.)?



I would like Agenda to allow a space in tag.
CamelCase was a kludge in early wiki software and I think it should have been consigned to dustbin of history not become part of software sedimentation (ie foundational).

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I tried First.Last, but it works like First (space) Last, ie the tagging stops after First. Personally I like First_Last, which is the nearest thing I’ve found to tagging with a space - to me it makes the name look more natural and less cramped than the others :blush:


For the time being I’m using JonDough. But I’m really hoping for integration with Contacts. That’s been discussed by the creators but I’m not sure if it’s in “features we are working on”

Edit. Just checked. It’s not, which very disappointing. Seems more integral to the core purpose of the app that some of the other upcoming features. I’d like to see it soon after inserting images etc.

See The features we are working on right now…


We’ve already stated in various posts on this topic that we would like to add integration with the Addressbook/Contacts app. As part of this feature would also be making the people tag more powerful, including allowing for spaces etc.


Got it thanks! I hadn’t noticed the caveat. Sorry if I sounded snotty.