PDF Export

I’d like to be able to export just one note from a project as a PDF.

For example, if I create a new project with a client quote, but then add design notes etc. to the project, but then I only want to export the quote to send to a client. As far as I can see, it exports the whole project as a PDF.

Is it possible to export just one note in any particular project?


Hi Neil,

It’s not something you can (yet) configure in the export dialog. As a workaround we export what is currently selected/visible, so one solution would be to search for the title of the note so only that note is visible. Then either export or Print > Save as PDF.


That’s a possible workaround, but then I have “Overview Search All” at the top of the PDF.

It would be great to print/export just the content of the note itself.

Definitely, we’ll try to make this workflow easier, I can see the use case.


Will this issue be resolved? I was just trying to export in PDF just note from a proyect to send it by mail and couldn’t, had to copy and paste the text in an email.

It’s on my todo list

A quick heads up, in today’s 1.4 update File > Export PDF will take the selection into account, it will then be possible to export a single selected note (or multiple selected notes) only. If a single note is selected the project title header (or search query) will be hidden automatically.

The cog wheel menu also has now an added Print… option that allows you to print (or save as PDF) a single note (or multiple selected notes only).