Out of Agenda into a sharable document



I’ve been using Agenda in earnest, writing a report for a meeting. As a writing tool it worked well :grinning:. But getting it out Agenda into a sharable document was a bit of a pain.

First I somehow copied and pasted into Pages (couldn’t later work out how I did that!). But the font size and line spacing were both in the large side. Too fiddly to edit that para by para - I had a lot of headings of different levels.

I then tried exporting to pdf but didn’t want the Agenda branding, so I decided to upgrade.

But then I discovered I had to print the entire project - which include lots of background notes. (The report was one note in the project - which seems sensible to me!) I see this is a known issue and will be fixed soon.

The pdf also has some funky icons around the title. Not professional - would like the ability to turn these off.

In the end I pasted rich text into Pages, selected all the text and hit cmd- a few times to reduce all the font sizes, and decided to hell with the line spacing.

Probably shouldn’t work on an important document with a deadline in a new piece of software - lesson learned!

But feeling a little bit aggreived that I could export a clean, simple report to pdf after upgrading.

Looking forward to improvements, I’m sure they’ll come.

— edit —

What I want to do is write reports, proposals etc in Agenda and export them directly pdf (and Word doc) to send to clients etc.

I don’t need fancy formatting, but it would essential to be able to control the basic formatting - eg font and style of body text, headings etc. Perhap a footer and header for business name etc. If I can do this from within Agenda, and don’t have to spend time tidying up the output in another app I’ll be happy.

Ulysses did/does something similar using templates - but the last time I tried editing a template to change the font etc to suit me, it was very complicated - IIRC it involved CSS. Don’t do that - it needs to be kept simple! Edit default fonts etc, add header details - both permanent (eg Business name) and variable (eg or , pagination style, and ‘save as template’.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for the feedback, indeed it will be much easier to export a single note as PDF in the next update. We’ll think about offering more configuration options in terms of look and feel down the line.


Update: In version 1.4 and higher you can now export a single note as PDF.