Pasting from table into table

What I did:

  • copied text from a table in Pages (selected and copied all cells at once)
  • pasted into Agenda

What happened:

  • created an image of the table

What I expected:

  • a table to be created with the same number of cells, and text in appropriate cells

I also tried creating a table in Agenda, and then pasting into that table, but that just added text to one cell.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

There isn’t really a standard table representation that every app is using AFAIK. It is odd that you get an image instead of text, but I guess that is what Pages puts on there, so that other apps can get the correct table layout embedded.

I can look into it in future and see if there is something on the clipboard that Pages puts that we could use. Perhaps there is some table data there we could grab.

Thanks for the feedback!

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