Pasting code blocks on iOS/iPadOS – (im)possible?

What I did/What happened:

I keep failing to properly paste multi-line code blocks as such on iOS/iPadOS.

If I just switch an empty paragraph to code (</>) and paste something, eg.

[nfldevilias3 » root » 2021-07-22 11:41:31] .../nfldevilias3/ilFile/2
# l -i file_28*/001/*
34847 -rw-rw-rw- 1 wwwrun www 155K 20. Jul 17:20 file_283/001/ILIAS Hilfe, Support etc. pp. alte Struktur.pdf

I end up with no code at all, every line as a new paragraph and being interpreted as Markdown:

And when I enter two lines of text first and paste the code in between, it looks like this:

What I expected:

Properly pasted code like when I do it via option-shift-cmd-v on the Mac.

Am I holding it wrong? There does not seem to be the equivalent of option-shift-cmd-v on iOS/iPadOS …

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Pro, newest OS and Agenda release versions.

And by the way, some Markdown parsing does seem to happen in code blocks even on the Mac—I cannot keep eg.


from turning into a horizontal line (in a code block!).

That’s … not good. :grimacing::wink:

We will investigate that horizontal line issue. That sounds like a bug that slipped through.

For code, you are best to use a preformatted paragraph style. If you set that style, and then paste the into the paragraph, it should not parse any markdown. Let us know if that is the case.

We plan to add more formal escaping of text from markdown in future. It’s a delicate balance, because in your case, you don’t want any markdown parsing, but others will complain that the markdown was not parsed.

At least for now, your best bet is to use a preformatted block, or an inline fixed width style.

Hope that helps!
Kind regards,

Seems like it—thanks!

That’s what seems broken on iOS/iPadOS, at least for me (see the initial description). Pasting into the preformatted paragraph is exactly what I’ve tried. It either was gone after pasting (first screenshot) or was kind of interrupted (second screenshot).

On the Mac, yes. :man_shrugging:t3::wink:

Of course I can work around the issue via the Mac (except for the (smaller) horizontal line issue), so it’s not the end of the world. But it would be nice to have this fully useable on iOS/iPadOS, too. :sweat_smile:



Hmm, OK. I didn’t realize you were already trying to do that.

We are working on this aspect of Agenda at the moment, and will make sure we check this behavior.

Thanks for reporting this.

Good to know—thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: Agenda 14 should now behave much better when it comes to inserting code blocks.

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Better, definitely, thanks. At least ”Markdown” no longer seems to be parsed. One things that bugs me, though: Agenda still swallows blank lines when pasting something into preformated paragraph.



seems to turn into


during pasting.


That’s ok for normal text because when I export that to Markdown, Agenda will add blank lines between paragraphs again. Preformated text IMHO should not be touched that way.

Noted, we’ll see what can be done.

Thank you! :+1:t3::slightly_smiling_face:

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On iOS, by the way, no, still cannot successfully paste into a code block (at least not a new/empty one).

Any chance you could send a screenrecording of the steps you take, including where you copy the code from?

Sure—only the result is about 400kb to big to upload here. :sweat_smile:

I‘ll try e-mail.

Or this: iCloud

Might have thought of this before. Been a long week. :man_shrugging:t3:

Source or “material” don’t seem to matter. Happens with text cut from Agenda, too.

Perfect, thanks, I’ll fix that.

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Awesome, thank you!

Update: Agenda 15 should no longer eat up empty lines in pasted code blocks :+1:

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