Past due items

What I did:
I read that one great feature of this app was that the things you did not manage to do by the due date would continue to appear in your calendar each day until you actually do them.
What happened:
Cannot find instructions on how to enable this feature. In addition to enabling this feature, where can I find a comprehenstive user guide (aside from what is under “Welcome” when first getting the app). Is that only available for paid users?

What I expected:
Expected that this feature was embedded as deafult, since it’s something mentioned front and center when reading about the app on the Apple App Store

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Using the Apple version on lap top.

Our help manual is part of this community web site. You can find it here: How To - Agenda Community

There are good intro videos here: Video Tutorials

It’s difficult to answer your question, because I don’t know the exact context. Can you copy the text you saw on our web site? I can then give a good answer.

Agenda is not a calendar app, so it doesn’t really have the concept of a due event. What you can do is link a note to a calendar event. You can also set a date range for a note using the calendar control top-right on each note. You just drag across the dates you want, or use SHIFT-click on the Mac to select a range.

Hi Drew, Thanks for you quick reply.

Ok, I get it. For some reason I thought it was possible for “Today” to list events in the past that are linked to a calendar event that had not been marked as complete yet. That is not possible, correct? I actually cannot find the text that I was referring to…perhaps I’ve mixed that up with a different app, apologies for the confusion.

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Hi Alison,
Today doesn’t do that, but you can setup your own saved searches for date ranges, and you could set one up for any note with a date in the past month or week for example. That would work a bit like how you want it.

We have also got special support for #due tags. You can make a due tag with a date (#due(tomorrow)), and then setup a saved search called “Due” with search term “#due(today)”, and that one should keep notes around until you remove the tag, even after today.

So there are a few indirect ways to do it.

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