Video Tutorials

Agenda now has a dedicated YouTube channel we call “On the Agenda”, where we regularly post videos on how to use and get more out of Agenda. From walkthroughs, to tips and example, to discussions with fellow Agenda users.

Every time we post a video we also create a corresponding page in the On the Agenda section of the community. Here you can find the latest videos and a place for each to discuss and ask questions.

Visit the Agenda YouTube channel for the latest video tutorials, tips and examples.

What is Agenda and why should you use it?

Agenda allows you to be in control of the many things going on in your life and stay on top of everything important to you. It helps you become better organized and more productive. In this video from our Agenda YouTube channel we explain why Agenda is date-focused, the way achieves all of the above, and how it works:

3rd Party Tutorials

Below you’ll find a selection of 3rd party video tutorials demonstrating how to use Agenda:


Video Reviews

Agenda is frequently featured in note taking app reviews, below you’ll find a selection of these:


These videos/reviews are kind of ancient.

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We’re indeed looking into making new ones ourselves, stay tuned!


Consider making some advanced / power user totorials too.

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Definitely, that’s indeed what we have in mind as well.

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I have had (and paid for) Agenda for a while now, but just can’t seem to get to grips with it. I don’t understand how I can fit it in my workflow, as I can’t easily understand how Agenda is supposed to work / meant to be used. I don’t have the time to read loads of posts about individual features and updates, and feel there’s a real lack of useful, practical video content that clearly demonstrates how Agenda can be used (and how it justifies the cost).
Maybe it’s just me, but I just don’t seem to be able to “get” Agenda.
I’m hoping a really good video tutorial will explain exactly how and why I should be using this app — 'cos at the moment, I find that I’m not really using it!

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You’ll be happy to hear that we’re working on these as we speak! Stay tuned, I’ll post here the moment they become available…

Any update on those videos?

I’m afraid I still don’t understand quite how I’m meant to use Agenda; what it is supposed to do beyond any other markdown editor; or how it might fit in my workflow. I see mention of ‘new features’ but can’t really see why they’re included or how they’re useful.

Maybe I’m wrong but, despite its name, Agenda does not appear to be for making meeting agendas, right? It seems to have to-do list features, but is not a task manager, right? I can take meeting notes using it, but we do this on GoogleDocs, as meeting notes are shared with our team. Does Agenda support team sharing of such ‘notes’ documents (or whatever Agenda files are called)?

Agenda puzzles me considerably. I admit it is very beautifully designed… but I just can’t figure out what it is for — or precisely how it might be useful to me…