Partial and delayed sync

I’m experiencing significant synch issues with Agenda between macOS and iOS (I’m running Agenda 6.0.1 on 10.14.5 and 12.3.1). it’s intermittent so challenging to reproduce on demand, but it seems to be happening approximately once every other day or so. I enter text on iOS and then it can take up to several hours to synch to macOS (though as far as I can tell it usually or perhaps always finally does go through). This does not appear to be a problem with iCloud as entering text in updates not-quite but almost instantaneously on Mac/iPhone. I’ve tried closing and re-opening Agenda on both Mac and iPhone in an attempt to “force” a synch but when there are problems this technique doesn’t resolve them. (btw I don’t use DropBox so don’t know if this issue would occur for those who use DB instead of iCloud)

Is there anything I can do to trouble-shoot or more specifically diagnose this? I’ve seen in recent release notes that you’ve implemented fixes or refinements to synchronization, but are you aware of any remaining bugs that users should be aware of? On a related note, is there any way you could add a user interface element (even if not prominent) that explicitly indicates synchronization status (including any errors?)?

Overall Agenda has been great for the past several weeks that I’ve been using it but this synch issue is troubling, as at-best it’s inconvenient and at worst it causes anxiety due to worry about data loss (which, again, doesn’t appear to be the case as the synch usually does eventually happen… but for several hours I can be wondering, and that’s not good).

update: I just entered some text in a note in Agenda on iPhone. Simultaneously, I’m have Agenda open in two separate macOS user accounts (which are both signed in to the same iCloud ID). On one Mac user account, Agenda has synched / updated appropriately to indicate the text I entered on iOS. On the other user account, Agenda has partially synched: some text at the end of the note I (that I originally entered on iOS) is appearing, but the bulk of the note’s text is absent.

To reiterate, is working perfectly in this 3-way setup (1 instance on iOS, 2 instances on macOS; all with the same iCloud login).

We’re not aware of any issues with sync at the moment. We do occasionally see some people report sync delays. Usually this is resolved if you let the devices stay open for a while (you might want to connect your iOS devices plugged in and Agenda in the foreground to ensure it doesn’t go to sleep), and/or when you reboot your devices (another occasional cause seems to be iCloud getting stuck on a device or queueing up sync if for example it’s also uploading a lot of photos to iCloud). Can you try if this helps?

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