Outline View - Collapsible/expandable lists or headers

Another +1 for the collapsable outline feature within a note. Several people have already described the benefits, and I agree with all of them.

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There could also be a side benefit to sub-titles in notes. Not only could they be made collapsible but possibly addressable at the sub-title level. If they were addressable they could be linked to, making the collapsable sub-title content portable as well as more organized and improving visual focus of the note. I became a frequent user of the feature in the app I switched to notes from (it had no direction). That app was block based so every line was addressable and made programming features like collapsable list items or paragraphs much easier than document based systems; but blocks have their own issues. Anyway, another +1 for collapsible sections within a note.


FWIW, Google Docs has added collapsing of headers to its editor. It’s now a mainstream feature :slight_smile:

Agreed. I switched from Craft to Agenda because of the latter’s powerful organizational features, but I miss the ability to collapse sections within notes. Looking forward to this great team implementing another great feature . . .