Outline View - Collapsible/expandable lists or headers

If a text block is in a list format like the sample below, would it be possible to make the list collapsible?


List description.

  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Clicking on the List description hides the bulleted list and retains only the List description. This is inside a note and a note can contain several lists, so it would be helpful to have a collapsible/expandable outline view


Down the line we would indeed like to add this functionality, thanks for the feedback!


Oh this would be so nice!

Related, and perhaps a bit more niche: allow headings to be collapsed in this manner. The only app that I’ve seen do this is Zettlr, and I had no idea how much I loved this functionality until I saw it there.



Yes! That’s what I meant! If they implemented collapsible headers or blocks or lists of text (like how IDEs do it), it would be really helpful to get an overview, especially on long notes.

Google Doc recently introduced an outline pane to the left, which identifies headers and single lines in bold. Their implementation is not collapsible for now. They just give you an outline view on the left side of the body text, so that’s very useful as it is.

Edit: I’ve edited the title to include your suggestion. Thanks @Pat_Maddox!

Thanks also for acknowledging and putting this down the line. I know there is a wait but I appreciate a direct response from you @mekentosj!

The ability to collapse section/lists is also a feature praised by Notion users and YouTubers.


I used Foldingtext markdown editor purely for this functionality for a while. It is really wonderful for structuring writing. Pure outliners are great when you start with structuring a piece just with heading, but as soon as you start adding paragraphs of actual text, you can’t see the overview. Collapsing headings absolutely solved this problem. You can collapse all except the actual para you are writing, so you can see how it fits into the overall flow.

I’d love to see this in Agenda. My plea is to make all headings and paragraphs collapsible, not a special collapsible para like Notion (which they call Toggle iirc).

I’ve play with using an Agenda note as a major section and the project as the text. I could collapse notes and rearrange them, but not really fine grained enough.


This sounds similar to the method used by Roam Research. Hierarchical (outline) note structure that allows for hiding/expanding sections of notes (not to mention extensive bidirectional linking).

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iThoughtsX although being a MindMap app, does outlining really well. You can press just one button, let say 3, and it will just show you outlines 3 levels deep, press 2 and it will contract one level and will just show 2 levels deep, press 5, it will show 5 levels and so on and there are dozens of levels.

Any collapse feature would ideally have this 1 button approach to listing the level of detail you want, otherwise its not as useful.

As far as I know, last I looked, no outliner Apps of the 12 I looked at had this 1 button approach to the amount of level detail you can view, accept for the now de-funked old version of Apple 5 (years ago) and iThoughtsX

In case this needs more support - I would love this feature. I have played around with Notion for a little bit and this is very cool. Please implement!

https://orgmode.org :slight_smile:

+1 Would love this feature. Dynalist does it really well.

That’s what I need. If projects are long, this would minimize having to scroll down or up to get to specific heading.

I’d like to see a collapse and expand button or disclosure arrow for entries. I am using Agenda as a journaling app and it’s a bit clunky to right click and select “Collapse” as a choice.

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since you mention right-clicking, I assume you’re on a Mac or iPad. In that case, there’s a menu shortcut for expand / collapse / and all. Note -> Collapse menu item or opt-cmd-up default shorcut on Mac.

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Thanks for pointing this out, I have just started using Agenda and clearly I am not yet up to speed!

Also, just double click to the right of the note title!

I, too, would like to see taskpaper-style, paragraph-level text folding in Agenda. Larger, hierarchical outlines in Agenda create notes that I find cumbersome to navigate. Currently, I create these outlines in Omni Outliner. That workflow is useable, but would be more comfortable and efficient if I could stay in Agenda.

Just putting my +1 in here for collapsible lists/headers. Often times in Agenda I have long portions of text within the same note that can take up a lot of vertical space. Would love love love this feature!


+1 for collapsible headings!

I realize I haven’t commented here, so +1 for collapsible headers / text folding. I understand you’re supposed to segment text at the note level, but sometimes you just end up accumulating a lot of text in a single note that is not a good candidate for being split up. Those times it would be nice to be able to collapse some text

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