Other sync solution than iCloud needed

That’s a super big bummer. I love Agenda. But, I’ve stopped using it. And, I will not be using it again until either my (Fortune 100 - 75,000 employee) company’s security department decides to allow us to store corporate data on Dropbox or iCloud, or one of my favorite independent application developers finds time on their already crowded roadmap to support Box or Google Drive. I’m not holding my breath for either one. :cry:

Google Drive I can see them allow, but I color me highly surprised if a Fortune 100 company’s security department that doesn’t like iCloud or Dropbox, would sign off on Box to be honest…

@mekentosj - Do you work for a Fortune 100 company? My guess is that Box is not seen as a competitive threat, whereas Apple and Dropbox might be. Don’t want your corporate data hosted on a competitor’s service. Google is only allowed because I work for a subsidiary of said Fortune 100 company that was acquired as a start up and all our docs were in Google.

Perhaps you are right, never thought of it that way. I’d think you wouldn’t want to rely at all on an outside company to host sensitive documents, especially if it’s not clear whether they are up for sale, can go bust at any time etc. But I have to admit that I don’t know Box well enough to make any judgement on them in this respect.