Optionally embed locations, show notes as locations on a map

I think it would be great if Agenda incorporated the places I’m going on a given day. Some usage examples:

  • A grocery list for a specific store
  • A workout routine for a specific gym on a specific date
  • A list of things I want to order from a cool restaurant

A note could have multiple locations attached to it, similar to tags. A note could have a location automatically assigned based on current location when it’s created, similar to the “Add to Today” feature.

A map that links the places I’ve been and the dates I was there to the notes I made sounds so cool to me. I’d love to at least have a discussion about it. What do you guys think?

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I would use a task manager for stuff like this - They are already built to be able to do all of this.

As much as it would be lovely to have Agenda cover absolutely all basis, I can imagine it becoming bloated.

There is nothing worse than what should be a relatively simple application (a notes app), become cumbersome and slow with an ambundence of features.

I’d recommend things 3 for what you are wanting - This would fit the bill nicely!

Valid points! I agree with focused, simple, powerful apps. A todo manager might be the answer here.

I do use and love Things 3. So far, I haven’t found a way that it can capture my current geolocation when taking notes, or a way to show me geolocations on a map with the appropriate task or project attached.

I’ve struggled to find any notes or todo app that offers a way to show my notes on an actual map. Drafts and Evernote come close, allowing you to attach geolocation data to a note and offering to automatically capture bespoke location using the CoreLocation services. I’m open to suggestions!

Hm, interesting idea @eichtyler, regarding the location tag hybrid; I can see that being useful.

For me, I have created my frequent locations into a tag with no spaces; reason being, since the location is of frequent visitation, I can click the tag I made for that particular note when desired and it will link it to the other notes with the location tag.

I also create a new note, under a particular project, titled ‘ARRIVING’ or "DEPARTING’ so now the note creation time is telling me the arrival time or departing time. All I do after creating the Arriv. / Depart. note is add the location tag I made and notes if necessary!

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We have some ideas in this direction but it’s not as high priority as the things mentioned in The features we are working on right now…

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