Open notes in their own pop-up Windows

It would be great if it was possible to ‘pop out’ a note in its own Window. For example, I might be having a Skype call with someone and I want to take notes as I do this. It feels a bit cluttered/cumbersome to see the whole Agenda interface when I do this - rather I just want one note at the side of Skype where I can make my notes as I go along. A Mac app called MiniNote Pro does this very well - gives you a floating single note where you can take notes while doing something else.

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Some people ask for a single note focus mode. Would that satisfy you? Or you really want to be able to drag out separate windows?


I really would like to be able to drag out a separate window, ideally - the less interface the better when I’m making notes parallel to another task (e.g. a Skype call or doing some web research) - having apps side by side on the Mac isn’t always great, so if one app (Agenda) is super minamalist (i.e. just one note Window open) it’s LOADS better. My inspiration for this request is the MiniNote Pro app which is great in this specific regard.


Having multiple single-project-windows would be helpful. My use case is:

I arrange spaces to work on specific projects. So the “project A space” has a terminal window and a browser for working on project A. Similarly, “project B space” has n application windows for that project.

It would be easier to have the notes for project A open in project A’s space and simultaneously the notes for project B in that space. Currently, when I change focus, I have to move the Agenda window and re-set the context inside it.

+1 for an optional separate window for individual notes. I’m using Agenda in a split screen with Things. But I’d love to open a specific note in its own window and have it available when I’m (for example) writing an email or a document referring to that note.


Would be great to have such a feature. My use case is this:

While having a lot of notes in one project, editing one note and want scroll to the end of this specific note, I almost always scroll over the end of the note to the next ones and have to scroll up again to find the end of the current note. This is just a bit annoying :wink:

OK, noted. Also worth considering marking the notes you are working on right now as “On the Agenda”, and going to work in the “On the Agenda” overview. I find that a great way to declutter and focus just on what I am doing now.

Hi, i am using Agenda from few days and i have just bought premium options.
I would like to know if there is a way to display a single note.

One way to do this is to mark the note as “On the Agenda”, and remove other notes. Then select “On the Agenda”, and it will just have the one note. This is really how that feature is intended to be used: you pick what is important right now.

We also have plans for more note focussed options. Stay tuned!

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+1 to pop-out notes. I want to be able to compare two notes side by side