Open Email in Outlook

What I did:
I drag an email from outlook to Agenda. It creates a message. when i double click on the email.

What happened:

It only open in the Mac Mail client.

What I expected:
I expect to open in the outlook. I also had the default client set to outlook.
when i double click on .eml file. it opens the email in outlook

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

To better understand the workflow, can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe?

I think the description is very clear.

You can reproduce this easily. i want the email to be opened in outlook instead of Mail (Even set default programe as outlook)

This means that i can reply email directly.

Agenda makes no assumptions about your email client. It simply asks the system to open the message link. I would have thought that if Outlook were your default client, it should work, but we have no control over it.

@Drew, that’s what i thought as well.
When i install Agenda, Mac Mail was the default client and i changed it to outlook.
When this change happened, Agenda does not register this change.

It is still open in the Mac mail. You can reproduce this easily on your environment.

Is this also the case after restarting Agenda or a reboot of your Mac?

Yes. this is still the case.

I even try to uninstall agenda and install it again.

this is still the case. how can we fix this?

I don’t have outlook installed to easily test. If I have to, I can install it, but can you first confirm that this is not an issue with the links that are begin generated.

To test it, create the link in Apple’s Notes app in the same way you created it in Agenda. Click the link there. What happens?

Yes, I did this and it opened in outlook.
I even reinstall the agenda and this is still the case.
The file association with email file seems to be persist somewhere.

Can you copy one of the links from in Apple notes and send that to me?

was this resolved. I to would like my email notes to open in outlook rather than default

No, it is not clear what is going on here. We don’t have any code in the app that chooses mail or outlook explicitly. We leave that up to the system.

Perhaps if someone with outlook could copy the link that is in Agenda (eg right click it and choose Edit Link, and then copy the URL), I might be able to see why this is going wrong.

I use Outlook and it is defined by my system as the default email client. However I have never had success with getting email links in Agenda to open in Outlook, they always open in the Mac Email client.

It would help to know what link Outlook inserts into Agenda, can you please do the above?

What happens for me now is that dragging an email from Outlook to an Agenda note creates a file attachment rather than a link. I can use the Quick Look to see the email… but if I try to open the file, it opens in Mail not Outlook. Quick Look also only offers the option to “Open with Mail”. This is with my system email default set to Outlook.

Since I don’t get a link anymore, I can’t copy a URL to provide. Let me know if another way to go at this or something else I can provide.

Does it help if you hold down CTRL as you drop the dragged item? That is designed to put in a link.


Hi Drew,
Holding CTRL when dropping the item doesn’t seem to have any effect. It still adds the mail item as a file attachment. I also tried this with holding Option and also Command, none had any effect and it was always added as an attachment.

OK, I’ll try to investigate this myself.

I have now investigated this, and I’m afraid it is bad news. Outlook puts no information to link back to a message on the pasteboard. I tested dragging from outlook into Mail, and the result is exactly the same, so apparently Apple are also not able to do it.

In short, it would be a lot of effort to get this working, and frankly Microsoft are not being good citizens. I recommend you contact their support to complain that they should provide a URL scheme so that other apps can link into Outlook.

For more info, see this thread. They manage to get something working with a bunch of different tools and AppleScript, but I’m afraid I don’t have time to hack solutions at this point in time. Maybe you can come up with something using AppleScript.

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