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Loving Agenda—well done guys—and have paid for the premium upgrade even though I don’t need any of those features at the moment: I believe you should bet paid for producing something, it’s to all our benefit.

Quick question/request. Could you think about adding a chronological sort (with reverse option) to the ‘On the Agenda’ view? It seems to me that this is currently sorting in chronological sequence within projects. I don’t really get why that makes sense necessarily; if I want to see project notes in a chronological sequence then I would select the project because that’s the default sort for notes within a project. What I am trying to do is see a chronological list of all notes made regardless of project. There are lots of different reasons/use-cases for me wanting this, and I can’t seem to find a way to do it at the moment.

Many thanks.


The features we are working on right now…

Loving Agenda—well done guys—and have paid for the premium upgrade even though I don’t need any of those features at the moment: I believe you should bet paid for producing something, it’s to all our benefit.

That’s brilliant to hear, thank you so much!

Quick question/request. Could you think about adding a chronological sort (with reverse option) to the ‘On the Agenda’ view?

We definitely see this request more often, both having more sort options as well as the ability to show items grouped by project or not. We’ll do our best to add these in a future update. First the iOS version though :wink:


just to add to this.
Setting the chronological order under the projects or all together. If divided by projects, it would be great to minimise full projects if needed to get them out of the way.


I don’t understand the logic of why On the Agenda puts events in reverse chronological order. I would like to add notes to the first event that happens today, then the next event, etc. I don’t want to sort my calendar backwards, why would I sort the Agenda notes backwards?


In the current “grouped-per-project” setting it would be confusing if the notes would appear in a different order than in the project. That’s not to say that it would be nice to also be able to switch to an “ungrouped” mode where you could sort the notes in a chronological or reverse-chronological order indeed.


Thanks for replying.

I don’t know where “the current ‘grouped-per-project’ setting” is set. I was referring to On the Agenda, which seems to want to be in reverse chronological order. While my own preference is chronological order.


You can change the sort order per project by tapping the project title:

It should display the notes in the same order “On the Agenda”. What I mean with grouped per project is that the On the Agenda notes are shown per project they belong to, sorted in the same order as the projects appear in the sidebar. In the future we might offer the ability to show them ungrouped where the notes are all sorted chronologically or reverse chronologically.


Thanks for creating an awesome app. I’ve been struggling with perparing for and keeping proper notes for upcoming and past standups, and this is helping tremendously.

A question; Should my notes be sorting by calendar date? It looks like its sorting by ‘creation date’, instead of the date attached to the note.

Right now, lets say I have a Meetings project, with three notes in it. Each note is attached to a calendar event. I created the note for the meeting this Friday first, and the notes for later meetings afterwards on Monday. Now, the note for my closest meeting is at the bottom of both the project list and the On The Agenda List. I think it makes sense in the project list, as that is the order I created them in, but I think it would make sense to have it sorted by attached date in the agenda view.

I think in using it, I will often create a note for a meeting a week or so in advance, and it will end up buried as I create more.


To avoid confusion we sort the notes in On the Agenda the same way as they appear in the projects. Having said that, we had quite a few requests for a “ungrouped” mode where all notes were sorted by date irrespective of their projects. It’s something we’d like to do, as well as offering more sort options.


Here, here to Sort Notes by Date! I have notes across several projects, and when I start my day, I want to know what my priorities are. Not being able to sort by date is hampering me significantly. Thanks.


I hope this changes soon. I just cannot find the utlilty in having the notes On the Agenda sorted with the earliest event at the bottom of the list instead of the top of the list — in reverse chronological order. Whenever I use On the Agenda I have to work backwards from the bottom up. The calendar isn’t upside down, why is this?

This is my biggest stumbling block with Agenda. I’d love to hear from someone who thinks that is the right design and has a way of working with events in backward order.


Although you can sort the notes within a project by either earliest or latest first, I think the items On The Agenda are placed according to the Categories they belong to, eg notes in Category A appear On The Agenda ahead of notes in Category B regardless of whether an item in Category B was created before or after an item in Category A.

I found it a bit disconcerting at first as, like you, I was initially expecting them to be On The Agenda in date/time order, but I’ve actually got to like it as it lets me rank my items On The Agenda in order of their actual importance to me.

To keep them in the order that I want them I start my Category names with a number, & if you want to show your most urgent tasks first you might like to add a Category called #Priority - the hashtag should keep it at the top of your Categories list, so it will also show up first On The Agenda. Hope that will help you find a workaround for now :blush:


Yes, the notes in On the Agenda are first sorted on Project in the order that they appear in the sidebar, then on the order they appear in the projects they belong to. We plan to both allow custom sidebar ordering as well as ungrouped displaying of notes in On the Agenda sorted by date etc. Together this should give a lot more control over the order in which notes appear.


That will be very useful :blush:


This sounds very interesting to me.Using Agenda since four months I found the need to organize my workflow with some categories that organize the others. I would like to call them “META" categories.
For example, in the forum has been said many times about the use of an “Inbox”. As I already mentioned somewhere I created an “Inbox" category with three projects called “Someday", “Middle Term” and “Urgent” where I can put some notes which just come to my mind that later I can distribute in a proper way inside the projects I am working on. I created even other two special categories called “Dropped Projects” (for projects abandoned or momentarily stopped) and “Archived Projects” (for projects completed). These two plus the “Inbox" are what I mean for “META" categories.
As the categories are in an alphabetical order, I needed to put some symbols …… to make them appear at the top of all the categories (see attachment). So, my question is: wouldn’t be possible to give to the user the possibility to organize some special (“META”) categories according his necessity and following an order organized by himself?
I think this could help matching the different needs of the users.


+1 for that. Working on many projects makes sorting tasks “ungrouped” a must-have in an agenda context.

Terrific job with the app, guys. Love your business model too, very well done. Open ended money-grab subscriptions are just unreasonable. Your approach is a good one, in my opinion.

Thank you.


I too would like the ability to reverse the order in the On the Agenda pane. We are now into mid November - any indication as to when this update will be available ?


There are various complications with allowing ungrouped, custom sort options, for instance where do you sort the notes that do not have a date associated to them. We’ll need to experiment with these options to see what works well, however other items have a higher priority right now, so this won’t be for a while still.


Good job on the app! Loving it so far and I’ve also purchased the full version!

I would love at least the items that have a date assigned to it to be on top. This way I’ll know what I need to focus on. The ones that don’t have the date can be at the bottom with the same order as the sidebar.

Even if there was a way to pin some notes on the top, it would suffice too. Otherwise I’m at loss to figure out what needs attention.


I’ve a similar use case to others in that I wish to use On the Agenda for surfacing the relevant notes for daily stand-ups. Ideally, I’d want the most recent notes in reverse chronological order based upon timestamp created regardless of which project they’re in as I use one note per stand-up diary event. Although, I can see it being useful to be able to also group by project should I move away from using one note per stand-up.