On The Agenda "Filters" and Toggles

Hi, I want to request the following features:

  • Add an “On The Agenda” toggle for each project to only show what’s on the agenda for that project
  • Add an “On The Agenda” node per Project Category
  • Add a project/category selector to the “On The Agenda” tree node to select which projects I want to see the agenda for

That would also allow to hide done-items without deleting/moving them… similar to the method of Omni Focus (show all, show available, erc)

would be great!

Your first wish have already been there from day one :smiley:

With respect to the other options, we feel that would just add a lot of complexity, instead we’re more likely to add more options when it comes to creating smart overviews where you would be able to build such an overview as you describe (per category, or selecting only some projects).