On iPad, how can I send a file to Agenda?

Am I able to do send a file to agenda? I don’t see it on the share sheet.

Also, on Mac, is there any sort of shortcut for sending a file over?

There’s no share extension — so nothing for the Share Sheet.

We can however add files to notes, or paste from the clipboard, or attach images. Not as quick as a share sheet might be, but gets to the same end point. And Agenda works well with other apps in split screen.

To further clarify, a sharing extension is high up on the list of The features we are working on right now…

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Reply: Agenda Community

:heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign::heavy_plus_sign: :heavy_plus_sign: SHARE SHEET
:yellow_heart: Pretty Please :yellow_heart:
I’ve been using Yoink for sharing but ShSheet will be so much more efficient!

Q. — Anything re: adding Tables in Notes at some point?

Thank you!! :innocent:

[For anyone who has never heard of Yoink, it’s a great little clipboard (and so much more) utility — been using it for years! For many years it was a Mac OS utility but it’s also available for iOS as well.]