Notes Text and Background

It would be really great to have tha ability to change the color of note backgrounds.


You mean of the whole note, or do you mean to select some text, and give it a highlight background color?

I was thinking the whole note.


Background coloring would be good for me, too. I like to make things more easily distinguishable with them. I would probably prefer to have the project background set but having a default note color for a project would do it for me, too. Just being able to color the background would get me a good stretch toward perfection.

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I agree, I’m not a huge fan of the yellow/orange color.

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I agree too, with screen brightness tuned down to preserve battery during long meetings, the yellow background lowers contrasts. At the same time, the small size of the text makes it harder to read, even for a young guy like me with perfect vision.

I propose: no yellow background (yellow edges are fine) and possibility to use more police options.

We plan on offering more configuration options for the text editor (text size, font etc), possibly also themes (the request for a dark theme is very popular too).

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I’d like to simply lose the yellow background when a note is selected. I find it decreases readablity slightly. I’m thinking it could be fine for me to just have the selection of the note visually indicated by the margins (vertical yellow lines), not also yellow brackground. Or perhaps lighter yellow?

On 10.14 Mojave you can pick a different accent color, that gives a different note background as well. I’m afraid we won’t make it possible to ditch the highlight altogether.

+1 to background color.

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