Note Templates Assigned to Projects / Categories

I’d like to be able to assign templates to specific projects and/or categories. There are some templates that I only use in a certain context, and I’d like templating to support that.

For example, I have a ‘Talk Therapy’ project in which I have a ‘Talk Therapy Session’ template. Right now, I have to take the step of selecting to the project, then selecting the event, then choosing “New Note with Template”, then choose the Talk Therapy Session template. Instead, I would like to select my event, choose “New Note with Template”, choose the Talk Therapy Session template, and have Agenda create the note with the template in the project specified for the template. This would save me the extra step of selecting my project for the note, which by default gets assigned to the currently selected project, which has caused me some trouble in the past creating notes in the wrong project.

I do the same with certain one-on-ones and other events that have specific notes templates that are special to that project. I still have some generic templates as well, but this would help reduce some of the steps in my workflow.

The above behavior would mimic what Day One does with templates quite well. (Why not use Day One? Because I like to keep my more factual meeting minutes and notes—which I keep in Agenda—and split from my more subjective emotional and experiential notes—which I keep in Day One for its password protection and encryption among other things.)

Thanks for the suggestion Kraig, I can see how this makes sense. Need to think whether it is worth the extra UI it would need in the template editor, and how this would work exactly. So no promises, but we’ll think about it.