Default Template per Project

I would love to be able to customise the content of new notes per project.

The templates cover my needs, however, my default is Ctrl+Click, Right Click and Long Press, and my only usage of the normal new note function is when I make a mistake, and then proceed to delete and do the action again.

I found another feedback post, with a similar request back in January, where the primary concern was UI complexity and clutter.

Note Templates Assigned to Projects / Categories

My suggestion is that this lives in the context menu for each project, so the clutter is hidden away, and the complexity compared to the suggestion above is reduced. Yet it probably covers a fair bit of the use cases of it as well.

One template per project, and fallback to default if not set or template is removed.

Love the software, I actually started to prototype and ironing out features before I found Agenda, and it’s freaky how close a match it is :smile:

It’s indeed something I had put on the list of things that would be cool to add to templates. Can’t promise an ETA, but hope to get to it at some point. Thanks for the suggestion!

Nice, looking forward to using it!