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So many great elements to this app. So much so that again I have committed to a concerted effort to use it - primarily for meeting notes. Not even a day in and yet again the note navigation - and particularly the collapse / expand is driving me bonkers. I just don’t get it. Especially on an iPhone trying to collapse/expand a note is beyond pure pain. I would just love so very much a standard tiered approach to navigation. Sidebar with folders. -> sidebar with projects -> sidebar with notes -> main area showing selected note. contents. Swipe right to go back. To me this is the missing link. Just really hoping this is planned and if so its arrival is imminent. Please!!! My sanity depends on it.

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Thanks for the feedback, Mark.

The timeline of notes is one of the aspects that really sets Agenda apart. Without that, the app wouldn’t be much different to Apple Notes or other apps.

Note that you can also collapse notes on iOS by pinching in with two fingers on the note.

Another approach is to not collapse notes at all, but get more used to using the jump menu to move between notes. You get that by tapping the project title at the top of the list.

Hope that helps!

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Interesting. Thanks for that perspective - I hadn’t really been looking at it that way. I mean I agree - the timeline aspect is the whole point for sure. Pinch to collapse is helpful. Thanks! Would you guys ever consider an arrow or chevron type thing (like Omnifocus has) for collapse/expand? To the left of the note title? Just a thought.

:arrow_forward: Title of Note


> Title of Note

(something more aesthetically pleasing than those or course)


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My experience with the Agenda UI is that it’s not necessarily immediately intuitive (I really didn’t get the two sidebars things), but that after a few days of using it, it kind of melts away. I’m not a UX person, but I’m told by people who know these things that there’s a tradeoff between early-use intuitiveness and long-term fluidness. For an app that gets used all day, every day (for me at least), I really appreciate that sort of fluidness. It did take a bit of time for me to adjust to Agenda’s way of doing things, but that’s a good thing – because I haven’t seen any other apps that quite do what Agenda does.


This is another fine balance, goal is to make the notes feel like one continuous page so we’re weary of adding to many boxes or a very structured feel*. We do have some refinements planned for collapsed notes, stay tuned for those…

*) If you’re interested, we in fact tried originally and discovered it didn’t work, more on that here:

Very cool - love that writeup and the journey you guys have been on. It’s very helpful thank you!

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Also, there is a keyboard shortcut to collapse all notes.