No reminders syncing on iOS

I’m still finding that events and reminders are not syncing (only in Agenda), whether they were created on macOS or iOS. Looking forward to a resolution of this bug.

I find that the sync won’t happen (for both calendar events and reminders/to-dos) until and unless I ‘provoke’ it by opening the Apple Calendar and Reminders apps, and let items sync there. If I do that, wait a bit, and then return to Agenda, then these have synced. But they generally won’t unless I do provoke a sync in this way. Hope this gives you a clue to what’s wrong.

Unfortunately some of that are bugs in Apple’s implementation. The whole iOS13 and macOS15 revamp if reminders has left a bit of a mess with many bugs from Apple’s side. One of them seems that the 3rd party integration was definitely left with little thought in the process. And sync triggers seems to indeed go through the system apps for a large part :frowning: Hopefully we’ll see some improvements in the next updates.

Do you mean “next updates” of Apple’s apps, or yours (or both) ?

Of Apple’s OS’s

I had gotten into a pretty good groove with Agenda + Reminders for a few weeks, but stopped as I simply don’t trust Reminders.

Unfortunately, Reminders is a tiny part of the Apple ecosystem, as opposed to the primary purpose of apps like Things and OmniFocus, so I’m not confident that Reminders will get the love it needs to be reliable and trustworthy.

I have a feeling this your suspicion is quite probably correct: another app very similar in functionality to Agenda is showing exactly the same problems in iOS (namely, the necessity to ‘provoke’ a sync by opening the Calendar and Reminder iOS apps).

Yes, that’s concerning. Little the devs can do to solve these problems if Apple doesn’t provide reliable frameworks in the first place.

But here’s hoping anyway, because I think I’d get the premium Agenda at the drop of a hat if this was truly sorted out.

I can confirm I’m having the same issue too.

If I create a reminder in Agenda for Mac it syncs across all my devices. However, if I create a reminder in Agenda on iPad it does not sync to any of my other devices (all on the same iCloud account).

Reminders created manually in the Reminder app sync instantly from iPad and vice versa.

Hey guys, I am having the same problem and thought I was the only one until I stumbled on this thread. I recently updated to public beta 13.5 and they problem is still there.

I found something interesting though. I switched my default task list to an Exchange account. Sync works fast and flawlessly. So I conclude that the problem is more on Agenda-created reminders not playing well with iCloud reminders. Other accounts seems to still sync.

Of course iCloud’s reminders are more ‘superior’ on Apple devices, especially in iOS’ Reminders app, in a sense that is supports more things like url or subtasks. But at this point Agenda is much more important to me than some additional fields in Reminders, until this issue is resolved.

Hope this is somehow helpful as you are trying to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks! This is great.
I’d been avoiding outlook because my work requires VPN with dual factor authentication, but perhaps I need to rethink that approach given your info. Like you, I’d rather keep using Agenda and have things just work!

Just checked this, still doesn’t work for me.

If I create reminder from Agenda on iPad, even if created on outlook task list, it still does not sync to my computer.

However, if I create reminder from Agenda on Mac, it syncs to iPad immediately, regardless of whether created on Exchange or iCloud reminder list.

I really, really want to make Agenda work, but these sort of bugs are super annoying and scare me from making it my full time resource, especially as the ability to export everything at once is not available.

The problem for us is that this is clearly a Reminders bug, not an Agenda bug. The reminder appears in the Reminders app, and it is the Reminders app that has to sync it. We have no control over that process.

It is working for me, so it is not broken for everyone, and it is not clear why it doesn’t work for some.

Something you might try: go into the iCloud settings in the Settings app, and turn off the Reminders sync, and then turn it back on again. Maybe that will clear whatever is stopping the sync.

Kind regards,

I have tried that on both my iPhone and iPad. It hasn’t solved the problem of what is a fairly recent bug for me. However, it is a consistent problem on both iPad and iPhone and completely breaks reminders integration for me at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be a problem on MacOS, but I don’t carry my iMac everywhere!

I know this must be infuriating for you, to be at the mercy of somebody else to get this situation resolved.


We think Apple may have broken it in one of the iOS 13.x updates. They did introduce a pretty major change to iCloud in one of the updates. Perhaps that was when it occurred.

If you figure out any clues, let us know. Eg. If you make a small edit to the non-syncing reminder, does that trigger it to sync over?

You could also look at the details of the reminders. Are they the same as the other reminders, or is there some aspect of the Agenda ones that differs and may explain the issue?


I made a quick test: MacOS (newest version). In the Reminder app I created an All-Day reminder for next Monday. It appeared quickly in Agenda. Then I just changed the title and the Reminder app. In Agenda in the reminder disappeared short after the change. After a restart of Agenda the reminder appears again with a correct title.
Same with iOS: The reminder disappears after changing the title, but is listed again after restarting Agenda.
So there is something important not happening after changing (the title) of a reminder in the Reminder app.

(Not sure if exactly this behavior was already mentioned above but the whole thread is about the not correct working sync between (from) Reminder (to) and Agenda).

Any chance you could screen record the entire flow and email it to

Try it with a reminder (created in Reminder app) for next Monday 25.05. Then the reminder disappears in (in Agenda) after changing the title (in Reminder).
Strangely with a reminder for Saturday (tomorrow) or Sunday it does not happen (the renamed reminder stays visible in Agenda).
I did this on MacOS, but I could see the same behavior in Agenda on iOS (but did not create/change reminders in the Reminders app on iOS).

Two videos are on the way to you.

I tested at home (MBP) and here the same behaviour. After changing the title of a reminder (reminding tomorrow or the day after tomorrow) disappear in Agenda (like deleted). After restarting Agenda they appear at the correct date with the correct title.
Reminders with a reminder in more than 2 days appear stay in Agenda.
Could you reproduce the bug?

A small update: In Reminder app I created 2 reminders for the 25.05 (today it is the 23.05, reminders for in two days!). I changed the title Reminder app of only (!) one of these two reminders. But both reminders disappeared in Agenda immediately after the change. A reminder for the 26.05. did not disappear in Agenda after changing the title.
I checked the same in BusyCal but here the reminders do not disappear. After changing the title in Reminders app and a sync the titles get updated in BusyCal.

Thanks for this, I’m going to dive into it.