No reminders syncing on iOS

Agenda on iPhone is not syncing reminders. I thought at first it was just being slow, but they are not syncing. All the necessary permissions are set.

Can you be more specific about what is not syncing? Eg. If you open the reminders app on each device, do you see all the reminders synced up there? Is the problem that reminders in Agenda don’t appear in the Reminders app? Or perhaps the other way around, that you add a reminder, and it doesn’t appear in Agenda?

NO reminders appear in Agenda. None. Reminders sync to my iPhone in the case of other apps that use them (Apple Reminders, BusyCal, etc), but they don’t appear on my iPhone in Agenda. Calendar events appear, but not reminders. (And yes, on the iPhone I have made sure that Agenda has permission to access reminders in iPhone Settings > Privacy > Reminders.)

For the macOS Agenda app, reminders do appear; it’s just on the iPhone that they don’t.

Have you tried creating at leats one reminder on your iPhone? Does it help if you force quit Agenda and start it again after that? See

If you mean by using Agenda - I can’t, because I’m not premium yet. But I can create reminders with other apps.

UPDATE: Reminders are once again syncing to the iPhone - though I notice that both calendar events and reminders take a very long time to appear after creation elsewhere, meaning hours - or even days. I’m not sure what triggers the calendars/reminders refresh on Agenda, but it’s very slow, at least for me.

In comparison, if I create a calendar event or a reminder in, for instance, BusyCal, either on macOS or on iOS, it’s synced to the other OS device within one minute at the very most (often it’s just mere seconds).

So, yeah, Agenda seems very sluggish in the calendars/reminders syncing. Too slow for use really. It’s a shame because the idea behind this app is a great one.

Agenda does not sync the reminders or calendar events. That is done by Apple’s Reminders and Calendar apps.

When you say it is slow to sync, if you open Apple’s Reminders app, do you see the reminders there? Agenda should just show what is in that app.

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I know. It’s puzzling.

Yes I do.