No capital for new notes

Really frustrating! Any update on fixing this?

I just tested this, and it seemed to work. I created a new note, and started typing. The first letter was a capital.

What are you seeing? Can you give more detail so I can try it?

Hi, see attached.Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 8.57.14 pm

That is not what I get.

Do you have the latest version installed (10.0.3)?

Is this on Mac or iOS?

If iOS, perhaps check in the Settings app for text settings.

On Mac, look in Edit > Substitutions for anything odd.

Is there anything particular about the keyboard you are using? Or language?

Yes I am using the latest version - premium. All settings are ok. The issue is on Mac, iOS works fine. All other apps and programs are fine, one experience this issue with Agenda.

Ah, I just released the Mac doesn’t work like this. It should never capitalize. You have a keyboard, and you press shift to capitalize. Just tested this in Agenda and Apple Notes, and it works the same.

What you could have is the spelling check suggesting a capitalized word. To turn that on, put your cursor in a note, and then go the Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling While Typing

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Thank you. its strange, I don’t experience the issue in Apple Notes. Only Agenda.

Working ok now for notes. But still does not capitalise in lists/checklists.

On Mac , keyboard setting option under “Text”: check “Capitalise words automatically”

That should make start of each sentence & paragraph begin with Capital word - works on Notes and Agenda. Problem still there in Agenda though when it comes to list, check box etc - always starts with lower case. But it works in Notes where start of list, check box etc always begin with Capital.

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I have this issue as well! I’d love to see it fixed.

Do you have the spelling options enabled?

I do and still have the issue…
I also have auto cap on in MacOS system preferences.
Does anyone have a fix?