Automatic capitalization at the beginning of a paragraph

I would like that when I begin typing a new paragraph that the first letter will be capitalized automatically (preserving the accent).
Thanks Pascal.

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not here - we have a lot for software development, where some items are case sensitive…

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We follow the system behaviour, don’t think we have plans to change this.

Hello, in Catalina system preferences keyboard panel and then Text tab, there is a checkbox option in order to capitalize the first word.
Would Agenda be aware of this option?
Thanks, Pascal.

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I believe it should as we use the standard text interface Apple provides.

me too

The option “System preferences -> Keyboard -> Text -> Capitalize words automatically” is checked.
Unfortunately, It doesn’t work on my configuration:
Catalina with Agenda 9.3.
Where I am wrong?

Can you be more specific? Does it never work? Or does it only work in some cases? What are the cases it doesn’t work?

(I believe there is a problem with the first line of a list. We have tried to fix this, unfortunately it is not so trivial, since Apple gives not access for us to the shift key, so we can’t make things capitalised ourselves.)

I guess it never works for me:
When I create a new note with direct typing words then no capitalization occurs :confused:

Does it capitalise the sentences after the first line?

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