New way to work with tags

I like the way Bear note app (and some other modern apps) is working with tags. It allow to structure them and it shows the tree of tags for fast navigation. You don’t need to remember them and searching for them.
I’ll be very glad if Agenda supports the same functionality for tags.


And with the mentions @ would be good to do the same.


I’m afraid that this isn’t something we’ll replicate, we’ve opted to go with categories and subcategories (i.e. folders) instead. We do hope to bring more options for browsing tags and creating smart overviews, but won’t replicate the “tag-based source list” from Bear.


With categories and sub categories you may have the only one structure. With tags you can have many structures. This is extremly more powerful instrument and this is the main idea of tags to have more than one classification structure.
When you have a lot of tags (about 50 for example) it’s to hard to have the only plain list of them.

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Fully agreed, that’s also why we added tags in the first place. That’s different though from making them the primary way to navigate your projects, we believe a classic source list works better for that. Supported by smart overviews, search and, in a future update, a tag browser.

I’m not talking about changing of primiary way to navigate, I’m talking about adding the second one.

I belived in classic as you but when I’ve tried to work with Bear and NotePlan I understand how powerfull abd better the way with structured tags. I’m currently trying to work in Agenda and NotePlan and NotePlan is more comfortable exactrly because of the way it’s working with tags and mentions.


Agenda does have tags.

I think @aliktab is enquiring about nested tags though.

It is horses for courses though. I personally left Bear for Agenda because I hated the tag system. That and the fact that you can see all your many notes in a project at once in Agenda.

The opposite situation :slight_smile: I’m ready to left Agenda because they don’t have normal nested tags. But if they add nested tags it should not be a problem for you, you may simply not use them.

Would be easier workflow to TAB into pre-existing Tags and Names!!!

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A good start (and maybe all that is necessary) would be to provide a pick-list of existing tags…entering “#” or from “+” menu and a character should start building a list of existing tags. Something similar in a search context would be as valuable … for memory sake.

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This is indeed the auto-completion feature we hope to bring as mentioned in The features we are working on right now…


Auto completion of tags would help here - just like Workflowy does.

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This would be very good, indeed.