New note from multiple templates OR append template to note

One thing I’d love to be able to do is create a single note by combining several smaller templates. One thing I use Agenda for is as a work journal so that I can plan and also document my day, but the tasks I need to complete each day varies based on a couple of factors that make it more difficult to create only one or a small few templates. I don’t like the idea of creating several large templates either because if I need to add or remove a recurring task then I would need to edit multiple templates.

It would be much easier if I could either select multiple templates when creating a note that will then create a single consolidated note, OR create a note from a base template and then add multiple small templates to that note as I need them.

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You can easily achieve that by merging notes. Create separate a few notes from your templates, select them with Cmd+click and then you have an option to merge notes in the menu.

Is there a way to do that on the phone app? That’s where I do most of my note taking.

On iPhone this is not possible alas due to the way multiple note selection works.

It sounds that what you’re really after is almost more like “snippets”, perhaps you might want to look into something like TextExpander as a better solution, see Copy-and-Paste 2.0 – How Templates Make a World of Difference

I use a single large template with the things I need, and then cut out the stuff I don’t. So I have a section in my daily template for Mon-Fri with the relevant tasks under each day. Then when I create from template, I delete the tasks from the other days. It only takes a couple seconds.

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