Multiple Windows (for Use in different spaces)

First off, great app! This really keeps my meetings and notes way more organized.

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but the ability to have multiple Agenda windows open and on different spaces would be really useful. It really stinks to be in workspace 2 or 3, working on different projects and having to switch to space 1 and navigate through notes to find what I’m looking for.


We don’t have any plans in the short terms but do have some ideas in this space.

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Adding a +1 to this. I’m missing this feature when I want to refer to information in one note while writing another one.


This feature would be truly helpful for me as well. Being able to have a couple different notes open from different projects at the same time would definitely increase the amount of my productivity.


I agree with others here. The ability to compare notes would be extremely useful.


I would like this too. The app is very good but I do need the ability to have multiple windows open at the same time.

I like to have separate windows open for each project that I’m working on so that I can quickly write down notes for each project.

Separate windows would also be useful for when I am doing live radio interviews and need my different notes for different topics or questions up in front of me. Keep up the good work!


It would be very useful also if the note could be added starting from a string open in any moment with a keyboard shortcut on the computer screen, even if the window of Agenda is not open. Similar to what happens for example in Wunderlist, maybe substituting “Add a Note…” to “Add a to-do…”:


+1 from me too. Also getting to a point where not being able to view multiple notes at the same time is a limitation.


I would love multiple window support.

When I use bear notes, I usually have three or four different notes open at the same time. It’s really helpful to cross-reference things and deduplicate content!

Last time around I mentioned we had ideas in this space, this his since evolved to knowing what we want to deliver, our designer @wrinklypea has created the mockups already. A few things are queued up in front of it however so it won’t be tomorrow but hopefully later this year.


Nice! Thank you for making such a beautiful UI @wrinklypea!!!

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I see this is already under way, but just wanted to add my hearty +1 to this! I frequently work in separate spaces to group my relevant apps together, but Agenda is relevant to all my projects so I want it everywhere (without having to drag it back and forth between spaces constantly) :slight_smile:

An especially wonky use case I just ran into is: When the Agenda window is active in a different Space than the one you’re currently in, clicking a link to an Agenda note does nothing (or rather, there’s no visible feedback that anything’s happening). It took me a second to figure out why nothing was happening.

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Yes. I see you’re already working on something here, but just want to add my +1 to this idea. I’m frequently having to refer between two notes, or copy one note’s contents to antoher note. It would be great to be able to see multiple notes at one time.

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You guys are awesome I also just want to add my +1 to this idea as well.

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Really happy to know this feature is on the roadmap. Can we expect it in Q3 still or Q4? Or has it already been deprioritised to 2020?

Hard to say at this stage, we surely hope we’ll be working on it this year still, whether it will be all wrapped up before the year end we can’t say yet.

When I was using this app on the airplane, ppl who sit behind asked what this app is… It does look very sleek and organized.

Definitely multiple windows feature would be a huge plus & necessity for this app for increasing productivities as Evernote & Bear notes both have!

Would appreciate this feature a lot!

Nice to hear! And yes, multiple windows support is definitely something still on our list.

Where can I sign this? :slight_smile:
Using multiple windows is probably the only thing I miss… :heart:

Definitely +1 on this. Working on projects with multiple notes and having easy access to several of them at once is very important.