Move projects within a category, and move categories?



just new to Agenda, trying to find good options to my way of work, I am wondering if there is any way of moving projects within a category, or if it is possible moving categories by drag and drop?

Moving projects is important, so I can move the most important project way up, so I got also a visible overview of actual situation. Same about categories as alphabetical sorting is not the best thing for a quick look what´s to do next.

Any infos about that? Would be good getting infos here, as I am just making a selection of trying to work with Agenda and waiting for the iOS version too as I am working with Mac and iPads all the time, or start working with Things which is already available for iOS too.

Thanks so far … cheers, Holger!


Manual ordering of projects and categories has indeed been a popular request, we hope to bring this possibility at some point, thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for info, … any idea what “at some point” means, cause at some point can also be some years later!


Unfortunately we cannot give a timeline yet.


Would be great if there can be a higher priority for this, cause there are about 5 month after the proposal from Holger. :wink:


Inline images and attachments are the highest priority at the moment, after that we’ll re-evaluate what we take on next.