Move projects within a category, and move categories?

just new to Agenda, trying to find good options to my way of work, I am wondering if there is any way of moving projects within a category, or if it is possible moving categories by drag and drop?

Moving projects is important, so I can move the most important project way up, so I got also a visible overview of actual situation. Same about categories as alphabetical sorting is not the best thing for a quick look what´s to do next.

Any infos about that? Would be good getting infos here, as I am just making a selection of trying to work with Agenda and waiting for the iOS version too as I am working with Mac and iPads all the time, or start working with Things which is already available for iOS too.

Thanks so far … cheers, Holger!


Manual ordering of projects and categories has indeed been a popular request, we hope to bring this possibility at some point, thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for info, … any idea what “at some point” means, cause at some point can also be some years later!

Unfortunately we cannot give a timeline yet.

Would be great if there can be a higher priority for this, cause there are about 5 month after the proposal from Holger. :wink:

Inline images and attachments are the highest priority at the moment, after that we’ll re-evaluate what we take on next.

I add my vote for the ability to re-order categories. The left hand panel is rather crowded and I’d like to clean it up

I came to the forum to look for an answer on how to move categories as my left hand panel is now a little messy. I see this can’t be done and the last ‘vote’ to have it implemented was just eight days ago. I’d like to add my vote too!

How can I move a catagory and or a project?

some how one of my projects moved and duplicate the project. However, I did not want the project to move let alone duplicate the project.

You can move projects to a different category through drag and drop, you cannot yet manually reorder categories and projects within categories, they are strictly ordered alphabetically at the moment. This is something we hope to bring in a future update, see The features we are working on right now…

Thank you

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Edit the name of each project and place a 1, 2, 3, etc in front. Then you can order the projects in your preferred order (albeit you’ll have an ordered number prior).

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