Move note to top and to bottom

On mac it’s really hard to move notes up or down especially if the list is quite long. It would be good to have a menu item to move (not pin) a note to top or bottom.
Making the note movement better is also be good if it possible.

I find collapsing all notes (Notes > Collapse All) makes it easier to move notes with drag and drop. (Just in case this is helpful!)

Sounds like you want to hold the alt/option key while going to Note > Move to, it will then allow you to move a note directly to the beginning or end of the project.

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Oh, thanks a lot. Do you have any other hidden functions? Where I can find them in help?

See the How to section of this community, in particularly this one:

There are shortcuts but nothing about hidden commands. Should I go through all menus and check all modifier keys?

If you open the menu and press the alt/option, shift or control key you can see which ones change.

But how I can imagine where I can find the command I need it and how I can know it’s exists? Should I personally go through all menus, press all keys and make my own list of commands? Really?

No, you should start from the other end, go through the list I mentioned before and see what commands you find useful, the ones you didn’t know about or could not find are usually alternatives of the ones directly above with the difference being one of the modifier keys, usually alt/option.

Just to explain the rationale, you need to think of these as “power user” shortcuts. They do not warrant the blow up into an endless long menu if we were to show them all the time, but they are nice to have for those who happen to run across them like yourself.

I don’t ask about long menu, but I’m asking about normal documentation.

I don’t understand your question, I sent you the link to the documentation of all key commands above.