Move a Task date to Tomorrow more easily PLEASE

I would like to be able to move a task that I have been unable to complete that day to the following day , quickly and easily , using a right mouse click to bring up the option in that menu would be great . I find it time consuming and frustrating to have to click on the calendar date and click on the next day and then click again on assign date for all the uncompleted tasks , especially when there a more than 2 or 3 , I often have up to 15 uncompleted tasks on a given day . Really want to be able to do this quick as I have to do this process every evening .

btw I love Agenda and I’ve tried every top rating organizier available for Mac and ios , this is easily the best I have used .

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My own advice would be to consider this tedium as a negative incentive to better manage your planning. If you’re overplanning so much that you’re (a) spending time filling out an agenda that you’ll never actually complete on time; then also (b) spending time moving every item on that agenda to the next day; and then © adding yet more tasks that potentially won’t be completed to that agenda, then it’s just not worth the bother.

Any task or project management system that makes it as easy as possible for you to put things off is just going to foster bad habits. Everyone needs to occasionally move things around or push back a deadline, but then everyone should also periodically be considering the pros and cons of their routines, too. Imagine if the Agenda developers were to agree to add your requested feature, but then went about it the same way you’ve described above…

I’m wondering if you are making a note for each task. Is that what you are doing?

The way Agenda was designed, you make a note, and you would usually put a checklist in that note. The note would get a date, and you would only have to change the date for the whole note if you didn’t finish the list.

Worth trying.

To chime in on what @drewmccormack says, one thing that might work well for you is by making use of due tags, as outlined here: Searching and Filtering

We also hope to bring Integration with the Reminders app as well in the future.