More compact text layout

As the number of my notes increases, I’m finding that the font size and formatting is taking up a lot of what feels like unnecessary screen space.

This isn’t a request for an option to change font size (though that option would be good). Rather it’s for the designer to use their skills to maximise the number of notes that I can get an overview of on one page, while keeping it an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Incidentally, whenever I look at a list of notes, I find I have created a wasted space by typing one or two returns at the end of many notes. Partly this is a habit of using return to signal I’ve stopped writing or to activate a tag; I should try and use spacebar instead. But also, it’s because at the end of a list I’m trying to make the bullet on the last empty line disappear; must try and use delete instead.

That said, perhaps an option for Agenda to tidy up notes on the fly would be useful - on exiting a note to delete:

  • at the end of the note, any empty returns (including empty bullet)
  • in the body of the text, to delete any double returns
  • in the body, any empty bullets

This falls into the category text editor configuration options, see The features we are working on right now…

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Update: In the 2.1 update it is possible to change the text size of your notes just like a web browser (under the View menu, or by typing CMD+ and CMD- shortcuts), it includes the option to go to a more compact size:

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This is a critical issue now that the iOS version has been released. Overall love the app but the wasted space on the iPad in terms of excessive Name/Title size and overall line spacing in every facet of the app and individual notes is a deal breaker, IMHO.


Have you tried playing with the “Notes Text Size” slider in the Preferences (iOS)? You can achieve a denser layout which is probably more in line with your expectations.

Yes, I’ve used it for the Body text font, but it seems to have little effect on the Heading/sub-heading Font or spacing.

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It should affect note titles and spacing as well… like in macOS. Could you please double check that and let us know?

In the MacOS version you can press “control”+”enter” to get what I would call single spacing, which I prefer most of the time. However, I have not seen this in the iOS version. Is it in there somewhere and I am just not finding it? This is one of the things I would like to be able to change as the default. I typically don’t like the wide spacing. I’m sorry if this comment is out of place here. I love the app overall.


Font does decrease (or increase) but spacing remains relative and wasteful. I assume having the wheel at the lower right corner adds to the spacing. Move?

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EXACTLY! and I don’t think the comment is out of place.:wink:

In the MacOS version you can press “control”+”enter” to get what I would call single spacing, which I prefer most of the time. However, I have not seen this in the iOS version.

We haven’t got it yet in the iOS app, it’s on our to-do list.


This is what’s stopping me from using Agenda fully as opposed to the native Notes app. There’s too much spacing between lines and it looked awkward, much like a teenager instead of a mature product. Hopefully we will have options to configure this.

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