Mobile App

Hi, I’m using Agena now for a few months and i like it. But will there be a mobile App soon?

There’s one available for iPhone in the App Store, & it’s excellent, but I don’t think there’s so far one available for Android

Indeed, there has been an iOS version for iPhone and iPad since late May.

We have no immediate plans for Android, but may get to it sometime in the future.

Yes thanks, I’ve downloaded the app. But does anyone know if I can synchronize my macbook and iphone with the mobile app?

Yes - syncing via iCloud is enabled by default. Just go to your app settings & make sure you sign in to iCloud with the same account as on your Mac, & it will do it :blush:

Everything is automatic if you use iCloud and that’s the only way.

Oké but in my iphone I don’t see the Agenda App for Apps using iCloud. Where do I activate this?

Make sure you are signed in to iCloud with the same account on each device, and that iCloud Drive is turned on. (iCloud Drive is very important, and many people forget this.)

If that doesn’t help, here are some other things to check: Syncing between desktop and iOS

Lastly, some companies block iCloud, so you might need to check if that is the reason sync is not working for you.

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