Missing “End Date” in “Add New Note” & new “Replace Note” action

Bug: Missing “End Date” in “Add New Note”

According to Agenda Shortcuts and Reference, there should be an End Date parameter for “Add New Note”.

Add New Note

  • Adds a new note to the project of choice.
  • parameter: Title
  • parameter: Project
    New in Agenda 16
  • parameter (optional): Text
  • parameter (optional): On the Agenda
  • parameter (optional): Date (start date of the note)
  • parameter (optional): End Date (only if a Date is set, can be used to set a date range)

However, I can’t see that option in Agenda 17.0.2 (271).

On the other hand, that parameter is present in “Append to Note”

Feature Request: Adding Replace Note in shortcuts action.

I would like to see a new action “Replace Note” similar to the replace-note command in X-callback-url Support and Reference

Append or replace text or an attachment to a note, link to a calendar event, or change the title or date

  • command: append-to-note:, or
  • command: replace-note: New in Agenda 13.0

Thanks for pointing this out, we’ll see if this can be added indeed :+1:

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A quick follow up (sorry it had taken so long), the End date field becomes visible once you have added a start date, hence the comments in the doc “(only if a Date is set, can be used to set a date range)”.

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Seems End date field on iOS shortcut is still missing?

Did you fill in a start date?

Yes, iOS 17.0.3
Agenda 18.1.1

What if instead of the current date variable you enter “Today” in that field? For instance here it works for me:

If I type yesterday or a fixed date like “2023-10-11” the “End Date” will appear. If I put any variable in “Date” field the “End Date” will not appear.

In my use case, I do create a new note based on another app’s date with further adjustment and therefore I don’t see the end date field.

May I ask for adding support to allow variable in the Date field because I want to adjust the date within shortcut.

There’s nothing specially we do different, I’m afraid it’s the Shortcuts app that is at fault :smiling_face_with_tear: We’ll see if we can find a workaround…

How about having the End date field appears all the time like the shortcut “Append to Note”?

i.e. If I leave the End Date blank nothing happened, but if I input a variable then I can turn it to a period.

If that’s not possible, I can still workaround by doing a “Append to Note” right after the “Add New Note” in shortcut. It just feels a bit redundant.:sob:

Yes, that would indeed be the alternative, good point.