Minimized view of note headlines

Hi there,

thank you for this awesome new note application! I am using it in comparison to Evernote, which I now use for years. I like the agenda design much more, so let’s give it a chance :slight_smile:

Currently I find it a bit confusing that there is no minimized view of the note headlines available. When I have many notes in a project, I need to scroll very much, especially with long notes to get a good overview over the project.

So with overview it would help very much to have a kind of “compressed” view for the note headlines.

What do you think?

Thank you for your great work - happy to hear from you :slight_smile:



Same here! It would be great to see a sort of note preview containing the first 2 or 3 lines of the notes, not just the title, in the “compressed” view. :slight_smile:

We see this kind of requests quite frequently, we have some ideas in this area indeed. Thanks for the feedback!

Hey all - I’ve searched around for this but haven’t found an answer.

Other than the “jump bar”, is there a way to view the headlines of a note within the app (by compressing the content so it’s invisible, or one or two lines each).

Example - I write match reports which can be quite long - Can I view them all on the screen without having to tap/click the category title at the top?

I’m very new to Agenda, so go easy!

Thanks :smiley:

Just found the “collapse” function through playing around!


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I agree, a “summary” view of some sort would be very helpful to have, especially for projects that have a ton of notes in them. Being able to quickly scan the note title and the first few lines of each note would go a long way in helping people find the notes they are looking for.

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