Microsoft To Do

Dear All,

I would like to know if there is any interaction already in agenda with the new app « to do » from Microsoft?

Yes, this should definitely work, see:


Is there a place or can you give me a hint how I exactly link/sync agenda to microsoft todo?

@joostvanderhulst It’s a while I don’t go through it. If I remember correctly, you must link your Microsoft account with the Apple Reminders. It means activate your Microsoft account on your Mac and flag Reminders (see the attached picture). This should allow you to use Microsoft To Do instead of Apple Reminders. When you create a new reminder on Agenda just select the list you prefer: this could be a Reminders list or a Microsoft To Do list.

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Thx Maurizio. As I work with an Office 365 account there is no connection with an exchange service possible. Is there a work around to connect the “Office 365 To do app” with Reminders? Thx in advance for your help

I don’t use Office 365, so I don’t know well how it works. Speaking in general, as Office 365 is a Microsoft product, I believe that any microsoft account you are able to create on your Mac, it should allow you to connect with Reminders and use Microsoft To Do as I explained in my other post.