Menu bar item

It would be nice to have a menu bar icon for fast note adding.


Noted. Thanks for the feedback!


Just want to add a +1 to this. I would like this feature as well.

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I second this - often I want to make notes when doing a Skype or WebEx call with someone. When doing this, I don’t really want the full Agenda interface open - just a single note that I can put next to the Skype Window to keep everything as clear and uncluttered as possible. The Mac app MiniNote Pro does a good job of this (but has a terribly old interface). There doesn’t seem to be many other apps that do this well so this could definitely be a distinguishing feature :slight_smile:

Adding my +1 here. This would be very valuable.

Big +1. It is currently a feature in Dayone that is invaluable.

Since this thread is very old, can support team will confirm if menu bar icon is now avaialble or not?

Quick capture on the desktop via menu bar, extension, a service, or something else is top of my list. Agenda is great, but if I get a call or a pop-up meeting on Teams, then I need to start note taking as quickly as possible.

Not yet, but we are currently making the internal changes needed to support this. Stay tuned!

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