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+1 from me. Would love to have that feature!

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+1 from me. Other than the convenience factor to put my thought somewhere so I can get to it later, there is privacy angle as well. When in a meeting with screen sharing, I don’t want to open the full app since others could see my notes. Since I manage people, I usually have sensitive info - feedback, performance, etc.

You will be happy with upcoming versions. Agenda 17 will allow you to split off a window with just a single note, or a few, and close the main window.

Probably in Agenda 18, we will add the option to password protect notes and projects. They will then be hidden.


not sure if its clear that it will also include the menu bar option like dayone app allows it. I think thats what OP was talking about rather than just splitting it after opening the whole app

No, it won’t yet include that, but it is an important building block for such a menu in the future.

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thank you for thinking about all of this , i cannot wait enough and happy new year :slight_smile:

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can you give another update on this? adding a quick note in a window that’s always on top would be what I really need - checkout TOT by the icon factory for an inspiration. My problem with tot is, that it’s not within agenda and yet another app…

We don’t have the menu item yet, but we did add floating windows. It is possible to make a small floating window that stays on top the whole time. Perhaps this could be useful for your purposes. We added that in Agenda 17.

You may know already that you can change the default new note kb shortcut from apple’s to Agenda. I also use the trackpad so I get it. It would be convenient.

how can I open a new note or start notetaking in agenda with a global shortcut or active corner?

At this moment it’s not possible to set this up directly from Agenda, but in combination with Shortcuts it’s easy to do: Run a shortcut while working on your Mac – Apple Support (UK)