Marking tasks as complete

I know there’s some changes coming with checklists and due dates (looking forward to them). Something else that would be useful, perhaps as an option as it may not suit everyone:

When a check list item an/or task is marked as complete: strike through the text. Would help when scanning a longer note especially.

And, collapse the paragraph to show just the first line. This would be helpful: served as a reminder the task has been done, can open for detail, but don’t lose screen space or mental attention to something that’s not current.


Both items have been requested by others indeed.

I’d love both of these features, please.

Can you advise if this is in the roadmap? It would be really beneficial to have the header of the task to be editable to strikethrough the text like the body of the text???

More list options like these are on our roadmap, see The features we are working on right now…. Mind though, first are the bigger items like inline images, so no ETA for the moment.

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